3 reasons why you think about divorce but it has a solution

3 reasons why you think about divorce but it has a solution

These are the main reasons why married couples decide to divorce, however with good communication they can find a solution

All marriages go through crises, especially when they have been together for many years and the infatuation and illusion of the first years are ending, however when you work together everything is possible and what seems impossible to solve can actually be fixed.

In fact there are 3 reasons , quite frequent in which one thinks of divorce , but they do have a solution . It should be noted that the main causes of a separation are usually varied, but most of them have to do with broken agreements.

Many of these pacts that are established at the beginning of the relationship , even if it is not done explicitly, but with the passage of time are forgotten, since we believe we are incapable of fulfilling them. However, all these conflicts exist and cannot be resolved due to lack of communication .

Not knowing how to adequately express what you want or feel is one of the main causes of differences and misunderstandings. That is why you should know the reasons why you think about divorce, but they have a solution and are linked to communication problems.

Lack of intimacy : This is sometimes associated with infidelity, as a lack of passion or desire is believed to be due to there being another person. However, on many occasions it is due to stress or some illness that prevents intimate relationships from being few or non-existent.

Here comes the issue of communication again, since if they don’t talk about it without shame and honestly they won’t be able to find a solution and even worse they will think of things that are not.

Boredom : It is impossible not to fall into the routine over time, which can cause both parties to become fed up, to the point that they want to go their separate ways. Given this, it is extremely important to talk about the needs that each one has and what they expect from the relationship.

Trying to do activities that excite you together, going on vacation or going to places you have never been before is an excellent option.

Financial difficulties : Although little is said about money, not knowing how to manage it can bring many problems to the relationship, which can be reflected in the disagreement with the relationship.

Anxiety , worry and frustration arise in the minds of each of the members when there is no money, especially if there are children who have to be supported.