Angela Aguilar Conquista Instagram Disguised As Catrina

Angela Aguilar Conquista Instagram Disguised As Catrina

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter surprised social networks by dressing up as Catrina to celebrate the Day of the Dead that is celebrated on November 2

The Day of the Faithful Dead is one of the most important in Mexico and is full of color and faith. It is celebrated on November 2 and it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyed celebrations in this country, since the fact of knowing that our loved ones who are no longer return for one night with us, to fill us with happiness.

That is why days before many of the lovers of this tradition begin to place offerings to receive their relatives who have already left this world, but who will never leave our hearts. Others disguise themselves as Catrinas, such as the case of Ángela Aguilar, which surprised all of Instagram.

During the celebration of the deceased faithful, the Catrinas and the black charros cannot be absent, proof of this is the incredible photograph that Pepe Aguilar’s youngest daughter shared on her social networks.

The interpreter of "Llorona" has never hidden that the Day of the Dead is one of her favorite celebrations, so she did not hesitate to prepare an altar for her loved ones and dress for the occasion.

This 2020, Ángela Aguilar left everyone with their mouths open with her costume and makeup as an elegant Catrina. The regional Mexican music singer shared a photo session where she wore a multicolored skirt typical of Mexican folklore, as well as a strapless red corset.

Angela looked spectacular with a thick braid on the side, a perfect makeup that highlighted the face of a skull and simulated a marigold field in the background, it should be noted that the mist of a cold night gave a special touch to that imposing pose of Angela Aguilar.

In a matter of seconds, the images of Antonio Aguilar’s granddaughter had reached more than 300 thousand ‘likes’ and thousands of comments where friends and fans did not hesitate to praise how beautiful and elegant the young woman looked.

It should be remembered that La Catrina is an original illustration by the Mexican engraver and cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada. According to what was said by its creator, the original name of this painting was ‘Calavera Garbancera’, it was named like this when the people who sold garbanzo were designated that way, since despite having indigenous blood, they pretended to be Europeans, denying of his race, reason why posada came to affirm: "In the bones, but with French hat with ostrich feathers".

Years later, that figure of the Calavera Garbancera became a catrina thanks to the muralist Diego Rivera, since in the Mexican dialect, he is an elegant and well-dressed person, typical of the 19th century aristocracy.

Today, the Catrina is part of the popular culture of Mexico and has become a symbol of the celebration of the Day of the Dead.