At 53 Jennifer Aniston premieres haircut called ‘style of the year’

At 53 Jennifer Aniston premieres haircut called 'style of the year'

Jennifer Aniston, the unforgettable Rachel from Friends, has released a haircut that was quickly called the ‘Style of the Year’ for being ideal for all face types

During the 90s and when she was part of the successful Friends series, Jennifer Aniston gained a lot of popularity thanks to her hairstyles and haircuts that quickly became a trend and were imitated by many women. In fact, none of that has changed, since the actress has revolutionized social networks with the cut that has been called the " style of the year ".

Everyone will want to bring it! So in case you want a radical change of look and you are looking for inspiration to renew it or eliminate it completely, the following haircut is ideal, since it will make you look younger , elegant , modern and above all attractive.

It was a few days ago when the stylist of the stars Chris McMillan shared an image on his social networks where he appears with Aniston who showed off the new haircut and the color effects that were made on him.

In the image, the protagonist of " A wife of Lies ", " Living with my ex " and " Marley and I " appears more beautiful than ever wearing an asymmetrical lob or long bob at shoulder height, wavy hairstyle and with brown and blonde highlights. A cut considered the "style of the year" that aims to be a trend and the favorite for the remainder of 2022.

"Nothing better than a summer cut for Jennifer Aniston. She loves to keep the natural texture of her hair," was the message that the famous stylist placed in the image.

The cut called "style of the year" by Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Instagram
The cut called "style of the year" by Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Instagram

A good haircut can do almost all the work for you to change your look

It should be remembered that Brad Pitt’s ex has been showing off the same haircut for years, which has even been baptized as "Rachel" for her character on the Friends series. However, many have pointed out that this is a 180° change for the famous actress.

So in case you want to give your appearance a completely radical change, this haircut is the ideal one. One of the advantages is that it suits all types of faces, so there is no excuse not to take risks.