Biby Gaytán’s Daughter Has Covid-19 Worried About Being Alone

Biby Gaytán's Daughter Has Covid-19 Worried About Being Alone

In Spain and alone there is Ale Capetillo who tested positive for Covid-19 and his parents Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo are concerned

One of the most united families in the environment is that of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán, who are distressed and worried about their daughter Ale Capetillo who tested positive for covid-19.

Ale Capetillo Gaytán tested positive for Covid-19 after having arrived in Spain where she is alone and away from her parents who remain alert to the advance of her daughter’s disease wishing her a speedy recovery.

In December, Ale ended up in an emergency room with pain and various symptoms that pointed to a possible contagion of covid, but after an examination that was ruled out, although he experienced moments of uncertainty.

It was through social networks that Biby Gaytán’s daughter shared with her followers, friends and family that the result of a test confirmed her positive for coronavirus with relatively mild and bearable symptoms.

Biby Gaytán’s daughter has covid-19 worried about being alone. Fto: Instagram

“I come with the news that I tested positive for Covid-19. Thank God I feel good inside, I feel like the flu, my throat, my muscles hurt, "he declared.

The young woman is 21 years old and is a student and makes her way as an influencer within social networks, even having a YouTube channel with her sister, she loves design, photography and is oblivious to acting and singing as her parents do. .

Ale Capetillo asked for advice on how to cope with these days of isolation and thanked the great support he has received, although throughout these months we have realized that having a positive mind ensures that we get better out of this process.

"Normally when I get sick I’m with my family, my mom and dad are cuddling me. And right now I’m here so far away and super isolated, and I did breakdown (nervous breakdown) of wanting to be with my family", emphasized.

The covid has already hit the Capetillo family strongly after announcing a few weeks ago the death of one of Eduardo Capetillo’s brothers, he was a great bullfighter who lived on another continent who he could not physically say goodbye to but carries it in his heart .

Biby and Eduardo are very attached to their children, whom they have taught the value of family as well as being independent people, today they send Ale good vibes, hoping they will all be together soon.