Daughter of Biby Gaytán walks through Spain with espadrilles of 17 thousand pesos

Daughter of Biby Gaytán walks through Spain with espadrilles of 17 thousand pesos

Alejandra Capetillo surprised her followers with a summer look where her Chanel espadrilles of more than 17 thousand pesos stood out

Alejandra Capetillo, daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, has become a style benchmark, as she dazzles with each one of her outfits, proof of this is the summer look she wore on the streets of Spain, where what she most The attention was drawn to the espadrilles that he was wearing, the cost of which is 17 thousand pesos .

Ale, is a young woman who already appears on social networks as a fashionista and beauty guru just like her mother, however she has also shown that she has a special taste for luxuries and accessories from the most exclusive fashion houses. of the world, as is the case of Chanel.

The daughter of the former Timbiriche has decided not to follow in the footsteps of her famous parents in the middle of the show, however she has become an influencer on social networks, where she shares with her thousands of followers fashion , beauty and style tips. life, especially for more than a year, who went to live in Spain.

The 22-year-old does not cease to amaze with each of her posts on her Instagram account, where she already has more than 474 thousand followers by sharing her impressive outfits. But on this occasion, she left more than one open-mouthed by sharing the perfect outfit for summer: a black dress, with which she gave a class of elegance and style, just like her mother, Biby Gaytán, does in each of your posts .

In the image where she is seen wearing that beautiful and short black dress, Biby’s daughter wrote:

Alejandra Capetillo with the Chanel espadrilles. Photo: Instagram
Alejandra Capetillo with the Chanel espadrilles. Photo: Instagram

This is what I mean with a versatile dress, you can wear it with heels and it is ideal to go to dinner, and with espadrilles it is perfect to go for a walk

With this image, Alejandra made it clear that she inherited the beauty of her mother, who is one of the spoiled actresses in Mexico and has shown that age is not an obstacle to looking incredible, since at 50 she continues to fall in love with her beautiful face , slender figure and perfect style.

Like her sister Ana Paula, who has also shown her taste for dressing well on her social networks, Alejandra is a little more active on her official accounts, since she very often gives advice to her followers with her best outfits, in where she boasts modern and luxurious garments, such as the Chanel espadrilles with which she complemented her look.

The daughter of the Capetillo Gaytán couple surprised all her followers with that summer outfit, where the footwear of the exclusive Chanel brand was the protagonist. According to the brand’s official website, the espadrilles cost 17,605 pesos. They are beige and black, made of lambskin with a natural fiber detail at the bottom.

Alejandra currently lives in Spain, where she studies and works. As he has mentioned on many occasions, his main interests are in the world of fashion, which is why he decided to go and try his luck in the motherland and leave his great family and friends behind. All in order to make each of your dreams come true.