Foods and juices to clean the arteries and veins

Foods and juices to clean the arteries and veins

We share the juices that clean your arteries, the art of good eating will always keep you free of bad cholesterol

As time goes by, the functioning of the body changes , that is why health experts emphasize that you should take great care of your diet and thus avoid cholesterol and triglycerides. The problem begins when too much saturated fat is consumed and it clogs the arteries and veins. How to clean them?

That person who eats without being aware of what you consume and understand that it is necessary to make some changes and clean your arteries, in this way you help not to clog them. As time passes, the body begins to show signs of illness and malfunction due to not taking care of your arteries and veins.

Fortunately, health experts are constantly giving valuable advice on maintaining good health. Today we share a list of foods that help you clean your veins and unclog arteries. And a juice that is easily prepared. Take note!

This smoothie is fascinating, it is effective and very healthy, it helps maintain a healthy heart and clean veins and arteries.

Beet juice and apples: 1/2 cup beet juice, 1/2 cup cold water, 1 stalk celery, chopped, 1/2 apple, diced. Now you put everything in the blender and mix very well. This juice is recommended to be taken in the morning but you can also consume it at night for dinner.

Garlic: Consuming garlic is one of the healthiest foods that help you expel toxins, it is part of alternative medicine to level triglycerides. Sulfurs lower bad cholesterol levels (LDL).

Blueberry and avocado juice: This smoothie will help you clean your arteries and take care of your heart. The ingredients you need are: 200 ml of water, 100 g of avocado and 10 blueberries. You blend it well in the blender and that’s it, you consume it, you will love it every day because of how good you will feel.