Hairstyles with braids to feel fresh in the summer

Hairstyles with braids to feel fresh in the summer

Summer is here and to be fresh what better than a hairstyle with braids easy to do and with which you will look incredible, we leave you these options

We have already said goodbye to spring and now we have to give way to summer , a new season that represents new fashion, new trends and also new hairstyles , so that you feel fresh even with its high temperatures, what better way to bring braids, like this with your hair collected you will not feel so hot and embarrassed, we leave you some options so you can choose which one to make.

IN COUPLE presents you with the most trendy braided hairstyles that you can wear in the summer to feel fresh, comfortable and spectacular , forget about the simple hair tie to hold it or the classic bun, better learn these different looks that will make you look charming, take note of how they are made.

If you have long hair, surely in the high temperatures of summer it bothers you or you would like to always wear it up because it fluffs up or simply makes you very hot when you wear it loose, also if you have a little shorter hair, the braids are the same for you , here we give you choose different styles.

Hairstyles with braids to feel fresh in the summer. Photo: Pexels.

1. Bubble braid: This type of braid is one of the ones that will be in fashion this summer, so don’t hesitate to wear it, you will feel comfortable with your hair up and very fashionable, to do it you just need to divide your hair in two with the help of a comb, since you have it divided, hook each of the parts with a rubber band, do it until you reach the ends.

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2. Half braids: This is also very simple to do, all you need is to divide your hair into two parts, then you will divide half into three parts and start braiding from above, until you reach the middle of your hair, there tie with a rubber band, do the same with the other half and ready, you already have your half braids to walk super fresh.

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3. Raised Braid: This is still a very classic braid, but there are two types that have the same name, one you can start from where your hair begins, to the tip, all completely braided, but there is another hairstyle in which you can gather your hair in a high ponytail, tie it up and then start braiding.

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4. Baby braids: The baby braids are the latest trend that has swept the Internet, even Belinda herself made them fashionable by using them, they are the braids that go on the bangs or on a few strands of the hair from the front, these help to frame the face, they look very youthful and flirtatious, you can wear them with the rest of your hair collected or with your hair down.

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5. Braid with a line in the middle: This is much more relaxed, all you have to do is make the line in your hair with the help of a comb, and then start braiding from the nape of your neck to the tip, recommended for women who have long hair and who are always in a hurry or with little time to comb their hair, they will look cute.