Horoscope today July 9, 2022 Signs free themselves from the past, forgive

Horoscope today July 9, 2022 Signs free themselves from the past, forgive

We share today’s horoscope Saturday July 09, 2022, there are signs of the zodiac that finally learn to let go of the past, that stop living angry with what happened

It is already Saturday , July 09, 2022 , a day to reflect, to transform and to live much freer from negative feelings such as sadness, resentment and pride, today’s horoscope predicts that there are zodiac signs that finally decide to stop carrying what is no longer good for them and free themselves from the past , drop the weight of their back and forgive.

Carrying negative feelings, remembering who hurt you and what they did to you to stay upset, is something exhausting that you must learn to let go of now, that’s why the horoscope today July 9, 2022 predicts that there are signs of the zodiac that go to understand that part and they free themselves from the past, forgive those who failed them and understand that this gives them peace.

On this day the Moon will continue to transit in Scorpio and will oppose Uranus, which will bring that renewal on an emotional level, there are those who will begin to accept that what has already been done cannot be changed, that what happened already has to stay there and only you have to focus on the present and the future, you have to start letting go of what hurts, what tortures, what stops you from moving forward.

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ARIES: Today is a good day for the energy charge to help you let go of what hurts you from the past and forget those people who hurt you, this Saturday write a letter on a sheet of paper addressed to that being who caused you hurt, that left you negative feelings and tell him that you forgive him, that you get rid of him or her and then burn him, let the fire consume all that courage.

GEMINI: Also for you it is a day to give way to the healing of your soul, what you have to do is on a ceramic plate write what hurt you so much in the past, what marked you and tell him that you forgive him from the heart. , and that at that moment you stop being a slave to pain and that memory, then go away and break that plate, scream and get all your emotions out, you’ll feel much better.

CANCER: You will understand that living tormented by the mistakes of the past does not leave anything good, and you cannot correct those, better take them as life lessons, understand what you can no longer afford to do again and improve, forgive yourself For what you did wrong, if you apologize and hug yourself, you will begin to heal, you will feel relief, focus on your present and your future.

SCORPIO: The Moon continues to transit in your sign, your ex-partner will come to you, he will look for you to ask you for a second chance and tell you to forgive him, if you want, do not go back with him or her, because he has nothing new to offer you, but if you have doubts listen to him, pay attention to his version and clarify what you did not have so well defined, then forgive him and say goodbye, close the cycle.

SAGITTARIUS: Forgiveness is something very complicated for you, since you are proud and very heartfelt, whatever they tell you you take very seriously, but today you have to reflect, pause and realize that you also failed and you also committed mistakes, you are in time to forgive, but also to offer an apology if you know that you caused conflict.

For the signs of TAURUS, LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS AND PISCES, on this day you will be thinking about the path traveled, about what you have done so far, about the people who have caused you some conflict and you are going to detect also their weak points to begin to improve, they will have the courage to be better people.