How to know if someone really likes you and how to tell them

How to know if someone really likes you and how to tell them

To declare your love to someone, you must first find out very well if you really like it, and if the answer is yes, then you have to know how to approach the rest, and for this, here we leave you a couple of practical tips

In matters of love, everything is usually a little simpler while we are inexperienced young believers in the world of princesses that Disney has led us to believe, right? Therefore, declaring our love to someone is such an intense experience that it takes your breath away; in fact, sometimes it is difficult to accept that we like a girl or a boy, and it is even more difficult to tell them.

First of all, you must be completely convinced that you like that person, and how do you find out? Think about it for a moment, do you constantly think about him or her? Do you like it but don’t know why? Does it make you sad when it leaves or do you stop seeing it? Do you get excited and nervous when you contact him or her? Are you jealous that I’m with someone else? Are you thinking of telling him about your feelings? All of this may indicate that you do have feelings for that particular person.

Before telling him everything you feel, first reflect on the following: Do you constantly talk to that person? because if not, the first thing you have to do is contact him and start to create ties, first of friendship and then gradually getting into his life but without taking too long; Now if you think there is no problem in telling them because they already know each other a little and you think they will take it well, then go and do it, only you will know if it is the perfect time to do it or not.

On the other hand, you must also make sure that that person has a completely free path, that is, that he does not have a partner or that he is not dating someone else, you also have to see that he is reliable and mature, that you are sure about your feelings, that both of you enjoy spending time together, knowing well about your personality and much more. It is not that everything fits and is perfect, you also have to take a risk.

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Now, to tell that person that you like you, you must make sure that your heart is ready, you must mentally prepare what you are going to say to him and prepare yourself to listen to his response, that although it may be positive, there is also the possibility that you reject, and that you must assimilate so that it does not impact very hard in your life.

In order not to scare him ahead of time, you must first earn his friendship and trust, and also keep your feelings at your discretion, start flirting a bit, give him little compliments and try to impress him, but don’t make the mistake of trusting too much. After having treated him a little, now if he analyzes, are you really in love with him?

Get involved little by little with simple conversations being always very friendly and cordial, talk about what you have in common and then you begin to express your feelings, but do not torture yourself by visualizing the way in which he can reject you. Once you have dropped the bomb, do not pressure him for an answer, if he asks for time, give it to him, and for the moment do not react badly, because that is also a way to pressure him, do not manipulate him, let him make a natural decision, And in case they have rejected you, continue to keep time as friends, so they can overcome that bitter drink in the best way.