How to know if they do witchcraft to you according to Mhoni Vidente

How to know if they do witchcraft to you according to Mhoni Vidente

The bad energies and envy of people towards you can lead to witchcraft. How do you know that they did something to you? Mhoni Seer tells you

The bad intentions of people are unleashed, says Mhoni Vidente , who talks about how we can realize when they have done witchcraft to us, symptoms that we sometimes confuse with some health condition, without knowing that perhaps it is the bad vibes and the envy of people.

Mhoni Vidente talks about the symptoms that a person experiences when he is a victim of witchcraft , what happens in his body that indicates that someone did him some harm through other forces that only seek to harm in a cruel and unscrupulous way, he also tells us what to do to avoid it.

We share with you what Mhoni Vidente says about people who have witchcraft, we also give you a spell to break all witchcraft that has been done to you, protect yourself from envy and bad vibes around you, no one is exempt from suffering evil for someone that sometimes you can’t imagine.

According to the famous seer, a person who has witchcraft or the evil eye begins to steal his sleep , he gets up at 3 in the morning and can no longer sleep; He adds that when a woman is a victim of witchcraft, her menstrual period can come early and men get diarrhea .

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This is because there is so much negative energy that the body seeks to dispose of it; they can also experience hair loss, dry skin, lack of strength, things fall out of their hands, their legs hurt ; He advised not to drink or eat anything that comes from anyone, because the witchcraft that is eaten is the most difficult to remove.

He also said that it is important to have holy water at home , put a little on the forehead and the back of the neck, pray an Our Father and Psalm 91, he also advises lighting a white candle, burning myrrh, copal, lagrimilla or sandalwood incense, buying a bell to ring inside your house and wear a red ribbon in your right hand.

Another thing you can do is put a lemon under your bed and carry one in your bag , you will cut off all negative energy, envy and witchcraft that have been done to you, you can also split the lemons crosswise and put grain salt on them to ward off the bad ones. energies.