Knowing how to listen to your partner is the key to making them happy

Knowing how to listen to your partner is the key to making them happy

Communication is one of the bases for a relationship to prosper, but it is not only about saying what bothers you, it is also knowing how to listen to what your partner has to tell you, only then can you be happy and live in harmony.

For a relationship to work properly, in addition to feeling love, other ingredients must also be mixed such as respect, communication, and among this last point, learning to hear what he has to say to you, knowing how to listen to your partner is the key to May you be happy and your romance endure over any difficulty that comes your way.

It is not only about putting on the table what bothers us about each other and ending up angry because they think they want to change their personality, it is understanding each other with the right words, knowing how to listen to your partner is the key to making them happy, so that they don’t end up upset and saying things they may later regret.

What kinds of values ​​and actions have to be the basis of a relationship for it to work? If you have heard that phrase of "speaking, people understand each other", then you will also know that by listening they understand each other much better, knowing how to pay attention to what your partner wants to communicate to you is of vital importance, do not put it on deaf ears.

know how to listen
Knowing how to listen to your partner is the key to making them happy. Photo: Unsplash.

Many of the times relationships fail due to lack of communication, it is understood that one of the two is upset and it is until they break with their ego when they seek to communicate, but when they accept being in a courtship or marriage, things should be different, both would have to have the willingness to fix the differences.

Knowing how to listen conscientiously is what couples should learn when they have a difference, since when they have an argument, what they do is not speak to each other and be like two strangers under the same roof and if things are very bad, both they yell and say words that hurt both of them and that they only say because they are angry.

But if the two of them calm down and sit down to talk about what is happening, what bothers them about each other, without insults, without shouting, just expressing what each one is feeling, things would progress much better, yes, always And when you both do your part and want to fix things, if only one is willing to give up pride and ego, then it won’t work.

Another point that goes hand in hand with knowing how to listen to your partner is not to judge the first time of change, you just have to understand the things that are happening, forgive yourself and correct your mistakes, not promise to change, but act, so find the right time to sit down and talk about what each of you expects from the relationship.

Not knowing how to listen or not wanting to listen is like denying your partner that opportunity to explain things to you, remember that they are human beings and mistakes are made, but all with the will and desire to carry out their love, they can get up again, alone do not forget that the intention must be of both, not just one, that is not how things work.