Letting go and saying goodbye also counts as a gesture of love

Letting go and saying goodbye also counts as a gesture of love

Sometimes the best thing for both is to say goodbye, let go and go their own way, and that is also a great gesture of love, even if it is painful.

Not all romance stories end with a happy ending and in a "happily ever after", sometimes no matter how much they want the best for both of them is to say goodbye , learn to let go and let go, and this is for more painful as it is also counts as a gesture of love, a way of showing that person how much you care.

Relationships have their complicated sides that are not always understood, and it is difficult to understand that two people who love each other have to let go, are forced to say goodbye because fate played them wrong and that also counts as a gesture of love, knowing how to get away in time, costs too much, but in the end you understand that it is the best choice.

Sometimes you have to let go and in others you have to learn to leave, everything must be done in time to avoid greater suffering or infidelity, and letting go of the person who means so much to you is one of the greatest proofs of love that you can offer, Even if your heart breaks into a thousand pieces, you understand that it is the best for both of you and that sooner or later they will understand.

Let go
Letting go and saying goodbye also counts as a gesture of love. Photo: Pexels.

Fate made them fall in love, to live a relationship that was beautiful at first, but then everything changed and little by little they saw those signs that told them that theirs would only be something temporary, attitudes and feelings change, things do not turn out as expected, the problems are more evident and the differences are increasing.

You realize that your partner is no longer happy by your side, he no longer smiles with that naturalness that made you fall in love so much, he no longer laughs at your jokes, he no longer finds those jokes funny and it’s been a long time since you heard a "you love" coming out of her mouth, but you continue to love her with all your soul, for you there is no doubt that she is the great love of your life.

Knowing that, that you love her with all the strength of your heart, you also understand that she no longer loves you as before, that she no longer cares enough about you and that she would no longer fight for your relationship , that’s why as a gesture of love you decide to return her freedom and not clip his wings, let him go in search of his happy place, because you want him to be well, to find his safe space.

With all the pain that his goodbye can cause you, but also with all the love you feel for that person, you let him go, to retire, because you are not in the mood to make anyone unhappy and that they also end up making you bitter. . Also when you no longer want to be there because you know you deserve more than what they are offering you, you decide to leave.

Saying goodbye and letting go are one of the greatest acts of love that you can perform, because you accept that it is no longer good for you to be there next to someone who does not love you at the same level or that their happiness is no longer with you, it is also a a very valuable gesture of self-esteem, because you know how to leave where you realize that they are no longer giving you the place that corresponds to you.

Go from where you no longer mean much, where they give you only crumbs of affection and attention because they have no other choice, set free that person who was by your side, but who now wants to fly to another horizon, stay alone with the beautiful who lived together, with those unforgettable memories, but don’t try to stretch the thread that unites them any further, because they will end up breaking it.