Maribel Guardia prevails and in opaque fuchsia lycra to Lourdes Munguía

Maribel Guardia prevails and in opaque fuchsia lycra to Lourdes Munguía

Maribel Guardia shows who is who with this look that suits her perfectly, that’s how she unseated her friend Lourdes Munguía who also has a great body

There is no one who can question Maribel Guardia about keeping herself well at 63 years of age, because she has a great body that many of us would like and apparently she is the owner of eternal youth, but her friend Lourdes Munguía also has her thing and sometimes it happens that one to the other unseat.

As on this occasion that with a sports outfit, Maribel Guardia made more than one sigh, with lycra and crop top sweatshirt in the trending color: fuchsia, the Costa Rican left her friend Lourdes Munguía aside in a lingerie outfit, it does not fit doubt that the happiest are the fans of both actresses.

Maribel Guardia with a mini waist and marked abdomen, overshadows Lourdes Munguía who also dazzles her followers and took their breath away with a coordinated off-white lingerie, very cute, sensual and above all very flattering on the beautiful figure of the 62-year-old actress .

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Both actresses have a great friendship, it is common to see them sharing photos on Instagram, where they both pose very happy and with a great attitude, but above all, beautiful and with a figure of 10, they are not only beautiful actresses, but also very talented who have had a very successful career.

Maribel Guardia continues in the recordings of "Corona de Lágrimas 2" in which she returns after 10 years to play the character of the unconditional friend of "Refugio", Victoria Ruffo’s character and it is impressive to see how the years really do not pass by Costa Rican actress.

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As every year, they distinguished her as queen of the Gay community in California, in said event she lamented the discrimination suffered by the members of said community "we are all equal" said Joan Sebastián’s ex, who on her Instagram thanked those who gave her this honor.

With a nude bodysuit and a tail with the colors of the rainbow, Maribel Guardia looked like what she is, a queen , very beautiful and of course, showing off the great body that she takes care of with exercise and good nutrition; This weekend she also celebrated Father’s Day with her son Julián and her husband Marco Chacón.