Marlene Favela’s Fluffy Jacket And Maxi Boots

Marlene Favela's Fluffy Jacket And Maxi Boots

The cold is beginning to be felt and winter is yet to come, so Marlene Favela already has the perfect outfit to look beautiful and be clothed.

The low temperatures are already beginning to be felt and winter is also coming, so it is time to rearrange the clothes in the closet and take out all the warmest clothes up to the front to assemble your outfit, but whoever has everything ready to To shine this season is Marlene Favela, who has the fluffy jacket and maxi boots that you are going to want.

That season has arrived in which warm clothes fill the catwalks and are part of daily looks, and the "La Desalmada" actress knows it, this is the fluffy jacket and maxi boots from Marlene Favela that you are going to want to see too super fashion in winter, and it is that from the colors to the style they are very youthful and at the same time striking.

If there is someone who knows fashion, she is Marlene Favela, because throughout the year we see her looking sensational with garments according to the season, with flowery dresses in spring, with uncovered looks in summer, with Earth tones in autumn and now. is ready to welcome winter. You have already given a taste of the designs you are going to model.

Marlene favela
The fluffy jacket and maxi boots from Marlene Favela that you will want. Photo: Instagram.

The beautiful Marlene Favela as always a step forward in the world of fashion, not for nothing is a guru in this of always seeing herself at the latest on the catwalks, that is why she already has the outfits with which she is going to succeed. in December, these are very warm looks and with which it will maintain the glamor that characterizes it.

Recently on his Instagram account he published a couple of photos where he showed off his winter outfit that you too are going to want to see fashionable, cool, fashion and elegant, it is a classic and very casual style, perfect for going out. take a walk in the park, go for a coffee with friends or go shopping at the supermarket, it looks good for those occasions without so much formality.

Marlene favela
Photo: Instagram.

It was about high-waisted tight jeans that defined her waist with a wide black belt, she wore very fashionable corrugated black maxi boots, this footwear enchanted her followers, more than one asked her where her running boots came from. buy them, but it was not only the footwear that attracted attention, but also the jacket that he wore.

The actress put on a very fluffy jacket that at first glance seemed uncomfortable when moving, but in reality it was quite comfortable for her, although panties, the different colors of the garment make it even more attractive and that everyone turns to see it, with a front closure, very warm and perfect to withstand the winter cold, underneath she only used a black thermal blouse, in this way the actress gave an example of a look for this season to impress.