Meaning Of Dreams When They Are Repeated Over And Over

Meaning Of Dreams When They Are Repeated Over And Over

Most people have dreams that recur frequently. What is the meaning of recurring dreams?

All people experience dreams most of the time. Sometimes they are pretty, other times unpleasant experiences; sometimes we remember them in great detail, and other times we hardly remember what we dream of. Many times we have particular dreams that are repeated over and over again throughout our lives. What does this mean?

The world of dreams is an area of ​​which we still do not know much, and there are several current investigations that aim to elucidate its causes and meaning.

Many of us have ever experienced one or more dreams that are constantly repeated for many nights. What does this mean?

Meaning that dreams have when they are repeated over and over again. Photo: Pixabay

Researchers point out that due to the mystery that dreams represent to this day, it is impossible to find a totally general answer about it, but even so, scientists continue to strive to clarify the mechanisms behind them.

There are at least two ways to understand dreams. The first has to do with the subconscious. According to this dreams are or nightmares are manifestations that we can remember while the subconscious is active when we are asleep. Since the configuration of the subconscious varies from individual to individual, the meaning of the dream in question must be viewed from a personal perspective.

The fact that the dream is repetitive means that there is an idea, event, trauma or memory that the subconscious navigates over during the period of conscious inactivity. The specific meaning of the dream must be seen with a specialist and has to do with the experiences of the individual in question.

They may have be related to stress or traumatic experiences. Photo: Pixabay

The other way of approaching the subject has a more neural basis. According to this perspective, dreams are due to the rearrangement of the synapses and networks that form neurons while we sleep, during REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep).

Most dreams occur during the REM phase. Photo: Pixabay

In a somewhat similar way to the previous postulate, that someone relives a dream over and over again has to do with having a very recurring idea or thought due to trauma and problems throughout every day, which could indicate stress due to some problem or situation that the individual is going through.

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Again, the meaning behind the dreams of each subject must be sought from a personal perspective by a professional, since, as we have seen, the dream has to do with the experiences that the subject has had throughout his life. .