Message From Your Guardian Angel According To Your Sign: Today November 4

Message From Your Guardian Angel According To Your Sign: Today November 4

The candle, the incense and the connection with your guardian angel is what each sign of the zodiac shows for you, along with a special message from these beings of light.

Today, November 4, the messages sent by the guardian angels are ready to change your life, today the council will be focused on solving some conflicts in your life but it will also tell you the incense or candle that you have to light to connect with your angel of He keeps it, that spiritual guide who always accompanies you even if you can’t see him.

A guardian angel is the one who guides you, takes care of you and protects you from any danger and when you have a strong problem that requires extra help, the divine light of these beings of light are always ready to listen to your prayers.

Discover what is the message that these beings have for you, according to your zodiac sign, and see if you have a special alert that you need to pay attention to to make a change in your life or save yourself from a strong problem.

Message from your guardian angel according to your sign. Photo: Pixabay

Archangel Samael of ARIES

The message of your guardian angel Samael: Those sighs that suddenly come out from the bottom of your heart, is nothing more than the longing for wanting to live beautiful things from the past, call it love or family time where there was no greater concern. to enjoy life, simple. Today you have an encounter with a friend from the past who needs you, just listen to him, the message you will give him is very important, you will be a carrier of good news.

Angel Hamabiel from TAURUS

The message for Taurus from his angel Hamabiel, The best moments are yet to come, there is a grudge in your heart that you have to heal before the end of the year, you have to free yourself, forgive those who somehow hurt you. You are and will be free to bear or not the sorrows of others. Today it is important that you make a request for a relative of yours who requires heavenly help.

Angel Ambriel from GEMINI

The message for Gemini from his angel Ambriel: IF you feel confused, light a pink candle, place some cinnamon sticks in a cross, lie down near the candle and close your eyes, in this way your inner self will be in connection with your angel of keep it, you will see what a beautiful world you have in you and you have not realized it.

Angel Muriel from CANCER

The message for cancer from his angel Muriel. Today is the time to light a white candle, put a few branches of rue near the candle, this helps you to release tension and bad vibes, this little ritual with divine light helps to unblock your mind, and it is not allowing your angel to keep be closer to you.

Archangel Michael from LEO

The message to read from his angel Michael. Do not be proud, do not hold so much resentment, it is filling your heart with bad habits, in case you have not noticed it you have been very negative in many of the things that you want to happen to you, remember that the universe is wise, but it gives what you ask for triple. Let your Guardian Angel guide you, light a yellow candle and say a prayer to improve your attitude.

Archangel Raphael of VIRGO

The message for Virgo from his angel Rafael: Today is the day to pray the healing prayer of your guardian angel, you have to find a place where no one interrupts you, either lying down or kneeling but you have to make contact with your mother earth You close your eyes and ask for your soul, ask for it to protect you from all evil, from all profane curses.

Angel Samael from LIBRA

The message for Libra from his angel Samael: Your happiness depends a lot on what you say, do and listen, you are a safe person but sometimes you let go of what other people say, it is better that you follow your intuition than you think it is what is best for you. Light some copal incense, this will help you to come to your senses with your inner self.

Angel Azrrael from SCORPIO

The message for Scorpio from his angel: You have the desire to have a lot of money and be successful, and this can be achieved with discipline, if you are not ready to do what nobody does, you better take it easy because nothing is so easy as it sounds. Today will be a day full of doubt, to clear your mind, have a chamomile tea and sleep, this is another way to connect with your divine light.

Angel Zadquiel from SAGITTARIUS

The message for Sagittarius from his angel: If you want to get a love, you just have to show yourself as you really are, do not pretend something you are not, do not spend what you do not have, it is better that you speak the truth to this person who is you’re making illusions with an illusion screen. Straighten your path with the truth, be humble and ask for yourself, light a green candle and make a prayer from your heart and you will see how things change in your favor.

Angel Cassiel from CAPRICORN

The message for Capricorn from his angel Cassiel: Today is a good day for a family outing, say what you feel, or wait for Christmas to come to say a few words, do it now so that peace and harmony come sooner to family life . You are carrying a very great sorrow, but only time can heal that pain for the loss of a loved one.

Angel Uriel of AQUARIUS

The message for your angel’s Aquarius: Inventing things like that you have money or that you are faithful, are one of the lies that most harm people but above all it harms you, look for that truth that is only in your heart, be more honest with yourself, stop lying to the mirror. Today is a good day to light a red candle, so that love invades you, put the candle in the middle of a sugar circle and say the prayer that you know the most.

Angel Azariel from PISCES

The message for Pisces from her angel: Spend important days alone, it can be terrifying, because suddenly memories of loved people who are no longer in your life invade you, Learn to live with measure, with simplicity, but do everything with love, they come nephews in your life who will be very attached to you. Don’t listen to people who talk about you at work, your guardian angel is already pushing them away, they are envious.

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