No ex hurts forever, you’ll be fine again and shine

No ex hurts forever, you'll be fine again and shine

A love breakup hurts a lot, it leaves you without illusions, with a broken heart and with the world on top, but that will pass, you will wipe your tears and continue

Do not exaggerate your emotions, love breakups hurt deep down, letting go of someone with whom you thought you would be forever and with whom you imagined a great future, it costs more than what they told you, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel, because no ex hurts forever, that feeling of sadness will not stay forever, you will be fine and shine again.

Live your process, cry, scream, claim, but do not beg love, do not ask him to stay by your side, better accept that everything is over between you and that you will no longer be that beautiful couple that you dreamed of, then allow that little by little your wounds heal , yes you can, because no ex hurts forever, sooner or later his memory will stop hurting you and you’ll be fine again, you’ll shine.

The end of a relationship is always painful, because it is your love story falling apart in front of your eyes, filling you with questions like what did you do wrong, what did you need to do, what did you need to give, questioning why you were not enough for yourself. ex, but the good news in the midst of so much chaos is that if you get out of that hole, you can get back up again with a healed and stronger heart.

No ex hurts forever, you will be fine again and shine. Photo: Pexels.
No ex hurts forever, you will be fine again and shine. Photo: Pexels.

When you end up with the person with whom you created many future scenarios in your mind where they were happy, where they fulfilled each of the plans and promises they have made, it is too difficult and painful, you feel that everything ends for you, that you no longer there is more after this, that with his goodbye he also takes away your illusions, your happiness and your desire to continue.

When you break up with the person you loved, you are left crying, without understanding what you did wrong so that he made the decision to leave your side, sadness invades you, the frustration of not being able to do anything to make him change his ideas, you cry and think that you will never love anyone again, that there will never be another opportunity with cupid for you, however this storm will pass.

The good news is that no ex hurts forever, it will hurt for a while, but later you will let go of everything that hurts you, you will realize that it is not worth staying there sunk in sadness and waiting for the moment when he returns to your side. , walk through that door and ask you to try again, one day you will stop caring about their reasons for leaving you.

You will understand that the culprit of his goodbye was not you, you did not lack anything to give, you were simply no longer within his plans and the best thing he could do is leave your side so that he would not continue to hinder you, nor make you lose The time, when I knew I didn’t want anything more with you, was painful, but in the end it was the right decision.

One day you will get up and you will not shed a single tear, you will decide not to direct your thoughts towards your ex again, you will wipe your tears and get up from there, you will shake off the sadness and you will shine again, you will be stronger and more mature in love and in life, because you have already learned another lesson, now you will be ready to go out and rebuild your future, to get back on track.

Perhaps you loved your ex very much, but he did not know how to value that love and you are not there for crumbs of attention and affection, so whoever is not willing to give himself completely, you have to get him out of your life, because you deserve someone who insists on complementing you and making you smile, the right one will soon arrive.