Signs That This Man Is Not Good For You And Will Not Make You Happy

Signs That This Man Is Not Good For You And Will Not Make You Happy

Do not fall with the wrong man, there are signs that tell you that he does not suit you and that by his side you will not be happy, you will be in time to get away and look for the boy you deserve.

You are worth a lot and you deserve a lot! Those are some words that you should repeat to yourself every day and more when you are looking for the love of your life, be careful not to fall into the arms of the wrong boy, that is why you must be attentive to the signs that this man is not a good match and It will make you happy , so you will have to walk away and keep looking for the best prospect.

That loneliness and the pressure to have a partner does not make you stay or choose someone who is not up to your feelings, when you are meeting someone who has caught your attention, check if he does not present one of these signs that indicate that that man It is not a good game and it will not make you happy, if you have them, you better think twice before being there.

Finding your better half, a man who values ​​you, respects you, loves you and treats you like a gentleman, can be more complicated than it sounds, but you cannot settle for less, if you are realizing that He does not deserve you, that he does not meet your expectations and you do not feel comfortable by his side, it will be better to turn around.

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Signs that this man is not a good match and will not make you happy. Photo: Pexels.

He does not have goals and does not visualize: Living to the fullest in the present is incredible, because no one is assured of tomorrow, but it is not about living without contemplating long-term goals, a boy who does not have goals for the future then does not know where he is standing still and less where he wants to go, he does not know what he will do tomorrow and he takes everything so lightly.

They go out for a long time, but it does not define their sentimental situation: They have already been dating for a long time, but he does not dare to take the next step to formalize the relationship, he does not tell you what they are and that generates confusion, if so then You better ask if everything is serious with you or definitely speak clearly and tell you what it is that you have.

He behaves indifferent once he gets what he wants: He only behaves well, cute, romantic and in love when he needs something from you, but once he gets it it seems that you do not exist or that you are a zero to the left, it makes you feel the most important woman in his life just for a few hours and then again act like you’re a stranger in his world.

Minimize your strengths and maximize your defects: Someone who truly loves you adores your strengths and your defects does not take them into account or helps you improve, but if he belittles what you do well, he never realizes how wonderful you do. In your activities and everything you do seems wrong, then think if you want to have someone like that as a life partner.

He does not introduce you to his family or friends: He wants to keep you hidden from all his closest circle, he does not introduce you and if he does it is as a friend and not as a partner, it also seems as if he is hiding a life in which you are Because he does not like to go out with you and when they go out there are no caresses such as holding hands, kissing, hugging, he does not like being seen together.

The gestures and words of love do not exist: He behaves like a cold person all the time and excuses himself saying "I am like that", but it seems that all the time he is in a bad way, he does not treat you delicately, rarely or never He says "I love you", he forgets about special dates and is not willing to be affectionate either in public or in private.