Tania Rincón with a rose gold dress does not ask Kristal Silva for anything

Tania Rincón with a rose gold dress does not ask Kristal Silva for anything

Tania Rincón continues to climb in her career as a driver and in a special event, she showed the poise of an elegant woman that she has in a great dress

Like a celebrity, this is how Tania Rincón paraded in a dress that became the object of many’s desire, the host used the garment for a gala event in which she was the presenter and in which she also made it clear that she did not ask for anything to the beautiful Kristal Silva from “Venga la Alegría”.

In a rose gold dress, designed by Benito Santos, Tania Rincón wears a Barbie figure, very elegant with a wavy hairstyle and black accessories, the Michoacán paraded with a big smile throughout the Ballon d’Or event, which was a success and that made the driver shine.

Tania Rincón shared the entire process so that she was ready and radiant, from the choice of the dress that caused a sensation , to her makeup and hairstyle that were impeccable, without a doubt a great night for Galilea Montijo’s partner who continues to shine in every step she takes .

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“Chula mi Tan”, was precisely what Galilea Montijo wrote to her, her other companions Andrea Escalona and Andrea Legarreta also complimented her “How beautiful”, “You are beautiful. Vestidazo” , and Michelle Renaud, Martha Figueroa, Odalys Ramírez and even her former partner Mariano Sandoval were not missing.

On the side of Kristal Silva, the host of “Venga la Alegría”, dazzles from her Instagram no matter what she wears, like a fuchsia-colored palazzo that is on trend and that only she knows how to wear properly, Kristal Silva has left It is clear that she is not only a pretty face because in "I want to dance" she has left the judges speechless.

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Tania Rincón, for her part, gave news this Sunday that made her happy, she will be the new host of "República Deportiva" where she will give all the details of sports every Sunday and will be with Félix Fernández and Julián Gil through TUDN, let’s remember that Tania’s beginnings in driving were in sports programs.

But for the fans of the Michoacán who wonder what will happen to "Hoy", the host will continue in the morning , but on Sundays it will be exclusive to sports, which is one of her passions and for which she is very happy to join the family of TUDN with this program.