The worst feeling is discovering that you don’t mean that much to someone you love.

The worst feeling is discovering that you don't mean that much to someone you love.

While you go out of your way to be good by his side, to pamper him and fill him with love, that person is not able to move a single finger to make you smile.

You fell in love not with what he offered you or how nice he was with you, you let yourself be carried away by what your heart felt when you imagined so many beautiful things by his side and by all those illusions that you made in your mind, but with him. Over time you realize that the worst feeling that can torment you is discovering that you don’t mean that much to someone you love with all your might.

While you try to win him over every day, make him your priority and do everything to make him happy with you, he doesn’t lift a single finger to see you smile, and that’s when you realize that the worst feeling you can go through is discovering that you don’t you mean so much to someone you love, how great the place you gave him in your life has become and you don’t know if you can get him out of there.

Of course you fell in love even though he hadn’t done anything incredible to win you over, you simply made up several scenarios in your mind where you were happy by his side and you thought that over time he would change , he would open his heart to you and they would be that model couple, but nothing It has turned out, every day he is colder with you, he doesn’t care if you stay or leave and he doesn’t care what you feel.

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The worst feeling is discovering that you don’t mean that much to someone you love. Photo: Pexels.

You are still there giving everything for that person, in love, hopeful that things will change at some point, saying that your love is enough to sustain that relationship that has neither head nor tail for everyone, you are still clinging to the idea that being cold Distant and short with you is his way of showing affection, but with the passage of time there will be a change in his attitude.

But it is time for you to put your feet on the Earth, for you to land in reality, that although you already know the truth you want to continue refusing to recognize it, realize that he does not love you as you do and perhaps he will never do it, that you are not his priority because if you were he would have already shown you how much he cares about you, but he continues to leave you in the background in everything.

He does not love you and accepting it will be painful for you, it will cause you a lot of damage, but if that wound is going to open your eyes, then it will have been worth it, you will know that that feeling of discovering that for that person you adored, you mean nothing, It will cause sadness, but it is better that you understand that there you will never be happy, that you have to get away and stop humiliating yourself for crumbs of love.

Do not torment yourself, remember that in the heart you do not rule and you cannot force anyone to love you or to love you with the same intensity as you, just stay away from those who are not willing to risk it for you , it will hurt to know that you want to make things work and the other gives up and lets you go very easily, but it will be best, leaving is fine, don’t stay where nothing is mutual.