Urgent Message From Your Guardian Angel August 3, 2021

Urgent Message From Your Guardian Angel August 3, 2021

Discover the urgent message that the guardian angels have for you. Contact with beings of light can always be done with a prayer from the heart

Discover the urgent message that the guardian angels have for you according to your zodiac sign. Today the energies are focused on love and health. Each of the human beings must take care of their sacred temple to maintain health and love.

Archangel Samael of ARIES: That neck and back pain is due to the fact that you have too many tensions and you have not delegated responsibilities, exercise and good food will help you relieve many of the tensions of your sacred temple.

Ángel Hamabiel de TAURO: The heart needs to take care of itself much more, it cries out for you to exercise and say goodbye to junk food, it is urgent that you take into account the indications of a specialist.

Urgent message from your guardian angel August 3, 2021. Photo: Pixabay

Ángel Ambriel de GÉMINIS: Love does not come and go, love comes to stay, because if one day it disappears it is because it was never love. Be patient that you are a beautiful person with great privileges in this life, you will get ahead of everything that concerns you.

Ángel Muriel de CÁNCER: Don’t pressure yourself too much for having something that costs too much money, happiness is different, the problem is not how much you achieve, the problem is that you will always want more. These pressures could further trigger your anxiety.

Archangel Michael de LEO: You need a moment of tranquility without so much noise in your mind, the people who love you will be by your side and those who don’t, you know they are convincing. Try to be more selective with your friends.

Archangel Raphael of VIRGO: There is a nice meeting with a friendship from the past that you haven’t seen for a long time, there are great conversations full of laughter, that friendship resurfaces with more love and empathy.

Archangel Samael de LIBRA: At home sometimes there needs to be chaos for an important change to resurface in your life, so don’t worry, everything that happens is for something. Keep in mind that your character also has to do with all this.

Ángel Azrael from SCORPIO: You will find money that you did not expect, do not try to look for so much explanation, just thank God that he appears when you need it most. Light a white candle to guide you to the good use of that money.

Ángel Zadquiel de SAGITARIO: Complications in a relationship, there is an unexpected change and you will have to be the one to take charge because you have the courage to do it. Trust yourself and your willpower.

Angel Cassiel from CAPRICORN: Everything you decide today is what affects tomorrow, it’s time to do things the best you can, to make big decisions in your life for the good of yourself and those around you.

Ángel Uriel from AQUARIUS: A good luck streak, at home you will find things that you thought were lost, there is joy and healthy coexistence in your home with your children, siblings and your partner. Remember that there should not always be scolding, it is better to have more love and hugs.

Ángel Azariel de PISCIS: You are in a moment of transition to being more spiritual, thanking God for everything you have and what you do not have, you are doing very well with that change that you have proposed. Keep it up.