What is the Ramsay Hunt syndrome that gave Justin Bieber

What is the Ramsay Hunt syndrome that gave Justin Bieber

We share information about the most important symptoms of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which has paralyzed half of the face of the singer Justin Bieber

Recently, American singer Justoin Bieber revealed that part of his face had become paralyzed due to a syndrome called "Ramsay Hunt syndrome." Few people know what it is and why it suddenly strikes as facial paralysis. Today we tell you what are the symptoms that appear that indicate that you have this syndrome.

Justin Bieber made a video to show his more than 240 million followers, the effect of suffering from "Ramsay Hunt syndrome".

"As you can see, this eye is not blinking. I can’t smile on this side of my face, so I have complete paralysis on this side of my face." And as part of the characteristics of this syndrome he gave a clear explanation:

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"It’s because of this virus that attacks my ear nerve and my facial nerves and has caused my face to be paralyzed."

Ramsay Hunt syndrome mentions the Mayo Clinic portal that occurs when an outbreak of shingles affects the facial nerve near the ears." And that it is caused precisely by the same chickenpox virus. On the skin you can also see the Painful rash of shingles, Ramsay Hunt syndrome can lead to facial paralysis and hearing loss in the affected ear" It is explained on the portal.

So even if you had chickenpox in childhood, it continues to leave sequelae that are activated over time, which is what triggered Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis.


People notice the presence of blisters with liquid , these are painful and burn too much, it makes the patient suffer, it also presents these blisters in and around the ear. It can be seen as an advanced rash.

Another symptom is that the patient may have severe ear pain , feel weak, exhausted and paralyzed on the side of the affected ear.

The affected person cannot close one eye, suffers from vertigo and begins to lose taste, his mouth and eyes feel dry.

Specialists detail that these symptoms can be temporary, as they can last forever. Antiviral medications, corticosteroids, and pain relievers are recommended to treat this syndrome .