WhatsApp Messages To Show You No Longer Care

WhatsApp Messages To Show You No Longer Care

At the end of your relationship it is very likely that after a while your ex comes back from nowhere and wants to win you back, send him one of these messages

You have not heard from your ex for a reasonable time, you have already turned the page, but one day out of nowhere he returns and decides to win back and you enter into a conflict of doubt that you do not know what to do, show him that you no longer care about some of the following messages .

When a person returns it is because perhaps they did not find something that could fill the emptiness of your absence and they are sorry, if you think they can get back together, consider giving them another chance, but if you have already overcome it, then take these options into account. messages to tell him that there is no longer a place for him.

Be firm in your words , if you have already decided that he is not the partner for you, let him know that decision and write him a message, yes, but to tell him that you no longer care and that you have turned the page, these messages will help make it easier show what you feel.

WhatsApp messages to show that you no longer care. Photo: Unsplash

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I will not trip over the same stone twice . Not only do you make it clear to him that he cannot return to you, but you also show that you are sure not to repeat the same toxic relationship that you had with those people.

When you miss me, remember that it was you who let me go . Finally, and if he was the one who broke up with you, it will be like a spoonful of his own chocolate and he will feel that he has made the biggest mistake of his life.

I may have wasted my time, but you missed the opportunity. A clear phrase that says that it was more a disappointment than a nice love that you could keep a nice memory of, what follows without that man.

WhatsApp messages to show that you no longer care. Photo: Unsplash

That he does not answer you is already an answer. If you have been receiving messages for days and he continues to insist, send him these words, he will understand that everything is finished and that you have already forgotten that love.

You have taught me many things … about what I don’t want . At the end of the day, your relationship has been a lesson for you, so what you learned you can put into practice and let the rest go to the past, including that person.

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If, after these sentences, that person continues to insist, talk to her face-to-face and tell her that what is past is past .