You can see your implants, they tell Gomita on a jet ski

You can see your implants, they tell Gomita on a jet ski

Gomita has said that she does not have implants, however in the photos she shares on Instagram her fans say that they are very noticeable even though she denies it

It is no secret to anyone that Gomita has undergone various aesthetic adjustments to modify her figure and face, throughout her career her transformations have been very evident, but in recent years the same influencer has revealed that she removed the implants , Although not all his followers believe that, because they tell him that they see him a lot in some photos where he goes out on a jet ski.

When he rose to fame being on the Sabadazo program, Gomita looked very different from how he does today and beyond a change over the years, it is because of the touch-ups he has undergone , although he has defended himself by stating that he has retired the implants that were placed at some point, but not everyone takes that for granted, as some users say that they can still be seen.

Gomita recently shared a couple of photos on social networks where she appears riding a jet ski and showing off her figure, but her followers were more focused on discovering whether she has implants or not, these pics generated a whole debate about whether cosmetic surgeries are noticeable too much and if she keeps doing touch-ups to look the way she wants.

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You can see your implants, they tell Gomita on a jet ski. Photo: Instagram.

Araceli Ordaz, better known as Gomita, has had a great transformation in her figure, for which she has been the target of criticism for a long time, since some tell her that she should accept herself as she is instead of modifying her silhouette and face, others point out that it has been deformed with so much retouching and they call it "Gomilyn May".

For a long time the influencer revealed that she removed the implants she had put in, she placed them due to the pressure she had on the television station where she worked to meet the established beauty standards , but later she realized that it was not necessary do it.

I took a class with the life coach, Diego Dreyfus, it was a private conference, but in the end we were able to talk and I clicked with his life philosophy and I realized the bad decisions I made about my body

As a result of that, she decided to have surgery to remove the implants, but the criticism continued and continues to this day, as some users who follow her on social networks say that she does have them and that nothing was removed, because they are noticeable.

Gomita recently uploaded a couple of photos to his Instagram where he appears on the beach in a swimsuit and a life jacket, on top of a jet ski, in some pics his legs and buttocks are noticeable, taking several criticisms from the followers, who They tell her that the implants are noticeable even though she says that they no longer have them.

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Photo: Instagram.

"I can see your implants", "the one that says you don’t have implants", "I do see your implants and they even look green", "pure silicone", "haven’t you already removed your implants?" Some of her followers wrote, but there were also some fans who defended her saying that she is beautiful just the way she is, with or without implants.