Zodiac Couples Who Will Never Be Happy Together

Zodiac Couples Who Will Never Be Happy Together

The union of these people will not be harmonious, it will be full of problems, misunderstandings and constant struggles

There are some people who definitely cannot have a relationship, since their personalities collide preventing them from living in harmony and it is those in charge of studying the stars who have identified them.

So then I will show you which are the zodiac couples that can never be together, since their way of seeing life does not coincide and they are unable to reach agreements where both benefit.

Cancer- Gemini

The former are usually too conservative when it comes to love, family and marriage, while the Geminis are more sociable and a bit immature on that subject.

Cancer- Libra

Although they always try to respect each other and understand that they are equal in a relationship, sometimes they fail and end up arguing over who will be in control of the relationship.

Zodiac couples who will never be happy together. Photo: Pexels

Scorpio- Gemini

Geminis are characterized by being too sociable and even if they do not propose it, they are usually flirtatious, a situation that causes a Scope to burn with jealousy. Apart from the fact that they want Geminis to show their love by pleasing them all the time.

Scorpio- Libra

Scorpios need to control their passionate nature and need for drama over everything, otherwise Libra will be angry all the time. Besides, Libra must understand that his casual flirting with other people will arouse Scorpio’s jealousy.

Pisces- Gemini

They could become the ideal couple, without both of them acting maturely. Geminis must understand that they need to focus more on the needs of the partner and Pisces stop saturating the other with their worries and desires as this will scare away the wild side that Gemini has.

Pisces- Libra

Libras are always looking for an explanation for everything and balance in everything they do in life, while Pisces are dreamy, fanciful and rarely have their feet on the ground. Therefore they struggle a lot to reach agreements where both benefit.

Taurus- Aries

They are usually a true combination of love and passion, however Taurus exaggerates with his laziness and usually ends with the energetic spirit of Aries. Taurus asks for more romance from Aries, which in most cases they don’t want to give him.

Some zodiac couples will never be happy together. Photo: Pexels

Taurus- Leo

Those represented by a Bull are too slow and patient for the kings of the zodiac. Besides everything, they are both jealous, possessive and want to be in control of the relationship, so they have a hard time giving in to the other, making it impossible for them to agree on something.

Virgo- Aries

The most perfectionists of the zodiac have a hard time being with someone who has as much energy as Aries. On the other hand, Virgo is extremely loyal and willing to listen, however the frivolity and impulsiveness of Aries makes it impossible for them to have good communication.

Virgo- Leo

They have to have a lot of trust and confidence in each other in order for them to function in a relationship. Leo must stop being so dramatic while Virgo must avoid falling into depression every time he feels that the relationship is looking down.

Capricorn- Leo

Between these signs of the zodiac there is a strong physical attraction that little by little can be shared in a true love. Friendship and mutual dedication can make you bond. However, Sagittarius must give Capricorn enough space, since he is a great professional and passionate about his work. On the other hand, Capricorn must accept that Sagittarius has many interests that do not include him, which does not mean that he does not love him, only that he needs time for himself.