Zodiac Men Who Don’t Know How To Love

Zodiac Men Who Don't Know How To Love

These men of the zodiac do not know true love, they play from heart to heart and do not mind causing injuries.

Playing with feelings does not matter to them, these men of the zodiac who do not know how to love , do not stop before anyone, as long as they feel good and satisfied, others matter little, they do not stop because of the suffering of others.

The men of the zodiac who do not know how to love , surrender to the moment, when they meet a girl they lower the moon and the stars so that they fall into their nets, but later they do not entertain themselves in things of love or kitsch.

You will never get something serious with these men of the zodiac who do not know how to love , because they are very clear about what they want and a commitment is definitely not in their plans, they are free men.

Zodiac man
They don’t know how to love and they don’t want a commitment. Photo: Freepik.

Walking with one and with the other does not cause them fear and less pain, they have rooted it as a lifestyle, their secret lies in that they do not expose their feelings, only their desire and fun, below we present the list of the men of the zodiac who do not know how to love.


When he likes a person, he manages to get closer and convince her to go out with him, but feeling attraction has nothing to do with falling in love, so once the charm has passed, he will continue on his way no matter what.


He makes the situation clear from the beginning, says what he wants and what he is looking for, and a stable relationship is not in his plans, so if they agree to go out with him they already know that there is no love there, nor will there be.


He says yes to all but does not tell them by when, his fame of being in love is already well earned, he uses his physical attractiveness or his charisma to conquer, but they do not know how to love or love the good thing.


They think that love does not exist, so falling in love and then being disappointed is a waste of time, so they better enjoy the pleasures of life without showing their feelings to anyone.

The fact that they do not really love does not imply that they do not seek to relate to someone else just to have a good time, without commitments and without anything to stop them, but be careful that that person falls in love with them, because they will suffer when they find out that they will not be reciprocated. .

Either because in the past they played badly and left their hearts shattered or because they do not believe in it, the men of the zodiac who do not know how to love, are clear that they do not want a stable relationship at all.

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