Egg White Mask And Remove Blackheads On Nose

Egg White Mask And Remove Blackheads On Nose

Blackheads are a problem that bothers many, because nobody likes to show off these imperfections, but put an end to them with this egg white mask.

The imperfections on the face can cause you insecurity, so say goodbye with this homemade trick made with ingredients that you will have on hand, make this egg white mask to remove dirt and blackheads from the nose , it will restore cleanliness to the skin from this area and you will love the result, its preparation is very simple.

These impurities are nothing more than pores clogged by a strong amount of sebum, dirt and dead cells, when all this oxidizes and comes into contact with the air, it gets its black color, but you can clean this blockage with the clear mask of egg to remove dirt and blackheads from the nose, detoxify your face, do a deep cleaning .

Pamper your face and also pay attention to its cleaning since it looks incredible, free of imperfections and much more pleasant, the ingredients that you are going to use will not damage your skin, since this is a homemade mask, apply it at night before going to sleep or shortly before taking a shower and avoid very greasy creams.

nose mask
Egg white mask to remove dirt and blackheads from the nose. Photo: Pexels.

Ingredients: For this mask you will only need two ingredients that you will surely have at home, one in your kitchen and another among your beauty products, because you will only use an egg white and a tablespoon of coconut oil, with these two products you will be able to prepare this trick to give your face a cleaner, healthier image and look beautiful free of impurities.

You should know that egg white, the main ingredient in this mask to remove blackheads, contains many properties that benefit your skin, it is very good to eliminate those facial imperfections, also among its many contributions in the world of beauty , are found to be stain minimizing and nutrient carrier, while coconut oil has antimicrobial properties.

Preparation : The first thing you have to do to prepare this mask, is to place only the egg white in a plastic container, you are going to start beating for 5 minutes, do it by hand, you will get a little tired, but it will be worth it, already that is ready, you are going to melt or heat a little the tablespoon of coconut oil and you are going to add it to the whipped egg white, stir and ready to apply.

Application: Wash your face very well and free it of any moisturizing cream or makeup, dry very well and then apply the egg white mask with the help of your fingertips, place a good layer of the mask on your nose, Covering the blackheads very well, apply a little pressure and then wait for it to dry, then remove it as a peel-off and rinse.