Horoscope for today July 5, 2022 with Dannette Benet Mercado

Today's horoscope July 5, 2022 with Dannette Benet Mercado

Given the sensitive death of Walter Mercado, his niece and collaborator Dannette Benet Mercado is the one who continues to write his horoscopes on health, money and love

You probably have that feeling that in recent months you have been stagnant , but don’t worry, the good news is that now everything will start to flow . Your decisions will help you give your life a new direction with results that will really favor you.

Mercury arrived in Cancer and this changes the narrative of everything. Those times when we were stagnant will finally start to flow; still, do not rush, you need to go slowly and calmly, today’s transits between the Moon, Neptune and Pluto do not leave a very clear picture. Below we share the predictions of Dannette Benet Mercado.

Aries: It will be very difficult for you to remain silent, you will want to expose everything. Thanks to Mercury your energy levels will be very high. Any activity on an intellectual level will be very stimulating. It is likely that you will become somewhat irritable due to the influence of Mars , you will have to learn to control your character. Lucky numbers: 28, 44, 1.

Taurus: Thanks to Mercury , all your energy will be focused on what you value most in your life. You will feel a strong attraction to business. You feel excited about making money and will take action. Mars will motivate you to successfully undertake your breads. Lucky numbers: 12, 5, 45.

Gemini: Your ruler Mercury gives you that charm and sweetness in your words. It is an excellent time to work very hard on everything related to investments, although you will also meet people who demoralize you, do not let it affect you. Lucky numbers: 30, 8, 32.

Cancer: Thanks to Mercury you will have the green light to be able to express your points of view to others. Your mind will be very active, it is recommended that you keep yourself busy with important things. Mars motivates you to finish everything unfinished in your life. Work with passion on what you like. Lucky numbers: 22, 14, 6.

Today's horoscope July 5, 2022. Photo: Pexels
Today’s horoscope July 5, 2022. Photo: Pexels

Leo: Mercury encourages you to communicate what others should know. On the other hand, Mars intensifies your intellectual creative side to open you up to communication. You will be very successful with what you say and you will be able to impress with your proposals and ideas. Lucky numbers: 7, 36, 13.

Virgo: Conflicts will arise that will make a transformation in your life. Take care of your relationship as a couple, because Mars forces you to argue about material things. On the other hand, Mercury has the balance for you to objectively examine your decisions. Lucky numbers: 11, 33, 49.

Libra: It is a good time to carry out plans in relation to the professional. If there is a need to talk to your boss, it is now or never. Mars can generate conflict in your life. You must be aware of your actions so that everything flows. Lucky numbers: 18, 46, 28.

Scorpio: There will be no impossible to achieve your dreams. You will work hard to achieve your goals. First work and then pleasure. Take care of small accidents that can compromise your health. Mercury motivates you to study new things. Lucky numbers: 51, 4, 32.

Sagittarius: Mercury invites you to look for certain areas of your life that are hidden. Look inside yourself and reflect on life. Mars will encourage you to express in others what you really are. You will have plenty of energy to have fun and be very competitive. Lucky numbers: 9, 20, 14.

Capricorn: You will want to enjoy the presence of other people, just try not to import your ideas. Take advantage of that energy that Mercury gives you and carry out all kinds of mental work. You will be motivated to find perfection in everything you do, so plan carefully. Lucky numbers: 3, 7, 9.

Aquarius: Thanks to Mercury, you will be full of energy, therefore, it is a good time for you to express your ideas and thoughts to others. Mars will make it possible for you to concentrate mostly on money matters, making it your priority. Avoid getting involved in arguments over material matters. Lucky numbers: 5, 39, 41.

Pisces: Your life will be full of a lot of activity thanks to Mars. It’s time to show the world what you’re capable of. You will make a very good impression on others. Mercury will motivate you to clarify any problems that arise with your loved ones. Lucky numbers: 34, 20, 14.