Irina Baeva’s pantyhose skirt that you should wear without fear if you are over 30

Irina Baeva's skirt skirt that you should wear without fear if you are over 30

Irina Baeva has shown off the ideal skirt for women who are in their 30s since it looks good on all body types and you can combine it with any garment

If you are over 30 years old and want to look like a schoolgirl , Irina Baeva has an excellent option for you, since she has shown off the garment that every girl who is over three decades old should have in her wardrobe if she wants to look much younger.

Sometimes, either for fear of what they will say or all the social prejudices, we deprive ourselves of wearing certain clothes, without taking into account that some have no age limit and that the barriers are found in one’s mind, nothing more. That’s why if you’re over 30 and you think that skirts will not suit you, you should read the following.

Gabriel Soto’s fiancée is an expert fashionista , because if you pay attention to all her publications you will realize that she is aware of all the trends , like on this occasion that she has shown off a colorful skirt that helps your legs , since it makes them look spectacular.

The beautiful model born in Russia did not hesitate to wear the skirt with a top and tennis shoes, we must bear in mind that she prefers sports outfits, however you can even wear it with sneakers if you feel that the occasion warrants it.

It must be remembered that the pleating of these skirts is one of the techniques that has been developing from Ancient Egypt to the present day. In fact, the Egyptians used to wear pleated robes and even Nefertiti herself wore dresses made of linen with well-defined folds.

Irina Baeva with a skirt of patoles. Photo: Instagram
Irina Baeva with a skirt of patoles. Photo: Instagram

Already during the classical period, the linen of the dresses continued to be pleated, but it was not until the men of the Renaissance, from 1450 onwards, that they began to wear skirts of patoles above the knees, that this technique would reach this piece. The last Duke of Burgundy , Charles I , was one of those who used to incorporate them into his clothing.

However, its period of glory came in the twenties, at the hands of Jean Patou , who created crepe pleats and thanks to the knitted models with fine folds by the French designer .

That is why the pleated skirt has become increasingly important in women’s clothing and has undoubtedly become the object of desire for many women today.