Luis Miguel draws the attention of Roberto Palazuelos before his public reappearance

Luis Miguel draws the attention of Roberto Palazuelos before his public reappearance

The reappearance of Luis Miguel has attracted a lot of attention, and Roberto Palazuelos was one of the most surprised, a pleasant surprise for the Black Diamond

Luis Miguel who in his good years was one of the most acclaimed artists in the middle of the show, little by little was declining to the extent that his own followers through social networks criticized his appearance for his overweight, they even mentioned that "The age I had hit him”, however, at the time Luis Miguel reappeared, making even Roberto Palazuelos react.

Roberto Palazuelos was a close friend of Luis Miguel in his youth, they together with El Burro Van Rankin used to spend a lot of time together whenever the artist had tours, and the three of them spent the weekends in Acapulco so they became an icon of the port’s nightlife , however, time passed and those youngsters all became very attractive mature gentlemen.

Luis Miguel is a person who hardly uses social networks, which is why every time he publishes something it causes a stir among all his followers, such was the case of a photograph that he just shared where even Roberto Palazuelos could not avoid reacting and where many followers left him comments about it.

Luis Miguel reappears. Photo: Instagram
Luis Miguel reappears. Photo: Instagram

After "The Sun" was harshly criticized not only by his followers but also by the press itself, he has now left more than one with his mouth open after reappearing in a photograph where he looks renewed and with a better appearance, which repositions himself as one of the most renowned leading men in the artistic world.

The actor and businessman Roberto Palazuelos, who has been one of his friends since his youth and who has been characterized by taking great care of his physical appearance, has given his opinion on the matter during his most recent meeting with the press, since it was inevitable that he did not asked about his new physical appearance:

Good! You have to take care of yourself, you have to keep up, you have to play sports to always be 100… well, let me introduce myself to one of the three, right? Said the actor with a big smile, referring to the beautiful women. who accompanied the singer in the photo that has gone viral.

Taking advantage of his meeting with the press, the media did not miss the opportunity to question him about other issues such as the death of the actress Susana Dosamantes who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer:

Yes, man, it hurt me a lot, of course I met her, she was divine with me, she was super affectionate with me, she always gave me very nice advice. It hurts me a lot for Paulina because she is a person I love very much, but well, it is the law of life, we all have to go there and right now she is already making a more beautiful sky.

Finally, Roberto did not want to delve into the health of his father, who suffers from bone cancer and continues to fight for his life: “My dad is sick, he has cancer, but he is doing well, very lucid and I enjoy it very much. He’s responding well, but you know there’s no cure for that."