Lady Gaga lives a prisoner of her fame

Lady Gaga lives a prisoner of her fame

With a brief but forceful message on Twitter, Lady Gaga left her followers very concerned about her emotional state.

The American singer Lady Gaga has left her hundreds of fans worried after leaving a controversial message where she said that she lived as a prisoner of her fame, could it be that she can no longer with so many spotlights behind her?

Without further ado, Lady Gaga said that she lives a prisoner of her fame , the singer-songwriter has been the target of media content in recent weeks for everything that happens in her life.

It was through a post on twitter, where Lady Gaga made her fans think and gave way to a thousand theories since in the tweet you can read the phrase "fame is a prison" , this strange message left everyone frozen.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga assured that fame is a prison. Photo: Instagram.

The controversial artist’s tweet was immediate and immediately thousands of comments began to appear, her fans did not understand anything and began to question her about what she had written, demanding an explanation.

Not having any response from Lady Gaga, then the speculation began, in which her fans think that Lady Gaga is very bad emotionally for everything she has experienced in recent months.

Still others speculated on a stronger situation and think that Lady Gaga is in depression because she has ended the relationship she had with one of her audio engineers and being alone does not sit well with the star.

fame is a prison

The rumors did not stop there and there were those who said that she is in depression because she is the cause of the divorce of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, although Lady Gaga has always denied a relationship beyond friendship and work with the actor.

However, not all the comments regarding this publication have been negative, some fans agreed that this phrase "fame is a prison" is a preview of a new project that the interpreter is preparing for her followers.

This is added to the fact that he was also seen in a casino keeping his money in an unusual part, but dressed in a peculiar way, so he could be preparing a music video and surprise his audience.

Between being depressed or part of a surprise for her fans, what is clear is that Lady Gaga has created controversy with this tweet, but her faithful followers have been with her and will not leave her alone.

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