Marisol Sosa Looks For José José While Her Daughter’s Birthday

Marisol Sosa Looks For José José While Her Daughter's Birthday

José José’s granddaughter has a birthday today and her mother Marisol Sosa is tirelessly searching for the remains of her father José José

During the transmission of the Tv Azteca program with Flor Rubio, it was announced that Marisol and José Joel are already in the funeral home of José José’s body. The children of the prince of the song look exhausted, tired, but still, they continue looking for the remains of their father. Marisol Sosa’s daughter has her birthday today, and unfortunately she will not be able to celebrate him due to the sad situation in which they find themselves.

Although Sarita has told Univisión television that she has already told her brothers where their father’s body is, the truth is that Marisol and Joel don’t know anything, the clues they have followed are because they have searched for them and apparently they have already arrived at the funeral home where José José is located.

From the stories that have come off and that have shocked all those who follow José José’s coverage, it is that Marisol’s daughter is having her birthday. But as can be seen throughout this journey, there is no other countenance other than that of desperation to find his father.

José José’s children continue to search for his body. Photo: AP

José José could not meet his granddaughter, since Sarita made the decision to take him to Miami, since 2018, the eldest children of the prince of the song have not been able to see their father, neither alive nor dead.

Unfortunately, the decisions made by Sarita (24 years old) have hurt many Mexicans, due to the great love they have for José José who died at 71 years of age.

Sources close to the family mentioned that Sarita cannot speak much because for months she had already agreed to the exclusive with Univisión and that the amount of the payment rose to 4 million dollars, even in the tarot readings that were specially made for them, by the tarot reader of the stars Martino D´Rosuan, confirmed that she sold the death of José José in advance.

Without a doubt, the general public wants to know what will happen to José José’s body. Sarita has handled herself very calculatingly, with zero expression, zero pain. Many believe that it could be heart-touched to see with the despair that their older siblings search for their father. But we will have to wait what piece will move this young woman who has earned the title of "The new villain, Catalina Creel."

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