Marjorie De Sousa’s Eyebrows And Dentures From 20 Years Ago Video

Marjorie De Sousa's Eyebrows And Dentures From 20 Years Ago Video

Marjorie de Sousa looked very different 20 years ago, you will not imagine what her eyebrows and teeth looked like, nothing to see now, it shows that she has undergone surgeries

Actress Marjorie de Sousa is one of the most beautiful and controversial women in show business, she has starred in successful soap operas, but she is also the protagonist of scandals, such as the legal problem she has with Julian Gil, the father of her son Matias.

Marjorie de Sousa is persevering, her career took off as a model and participant in various beauty pageants. The Venezuelan is talented, and has managed to reach very high, which although at this time has been harshly criticized by her followers after suing her daughter’s father.

Marjorie’s past is not shameful, she feels very safe, but some videos have emerged where she looks very different from how she is today. In the video you can see how she is interviewed and she wears a different smile, eyebrows that have nothing to do with how she uses them today.

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Marjorie de sousa’s eyebrows and teeth from 20 years ago. Photo: Instagram

Undoubtedly, if she has had changes that are very noticeable in her face but not only due to the passage of time, but also due to aesthetic changes that the Venezuelan resorted to to be within the standards of beauty that is needed to compete in contests and to be an actress.

Although from a very young age she ventured into the entertainment world, the truth is that her career takes off professionally in Mexico by participating in successful soap operas. So let’s recount Marjorie’s past to better understand her current appearance.

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In the video that we share with you, Marjorie was about 20 years old, you can see that she was too young, her hair is a platinum blonde, she was thin and her face was rounder, with her features much more pronounced.

Another detail is that you can see that her teeth were much larger, it shows because her charisma gives her away. She was too thin, that compared to today she has very marked curves.

The eyebrows of 20 years ago, Marjorie wears thin and arched eyebrows, very well pronounced, in dark color, she has painted her lips with a strong outline, possibly it was part of the makeup fashions of 20 years ago.