On A Romantic Date Who Should Pay The Bill?

On A Romantic Date Who Should Pay The Bill?

You finally went out with that boy that you like so much and you both want to make a good impression, an important part of the issue is who should pay the bill?

The first impression on your Romantic date counts a lot, that is why on these occasions we seek to show the best of ourselves and bring out the qualities that will make us shine in front of that flirt. Then the question arises: Who should pay the bill on the first dates?

It’s on your first romantic dates, after enjoying a perfect dinner, that awkward moment always comes when someone has to pay the bill for the food and drinks you shared.

Usually, due to the dictates of society and culture, it is the man who bears the expenses , since he is assigned a role of provider.

The big question is who should pay the bill on a romantic date?
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Many men and women feel comfortable with this custom, however, society evolves and times change. In other times it was very frowned upon for a woman to pay the bill for both , since she left her partner as a "little man" by not having enough money to invite the lady.

But today this issue has many edges, for example, homosexual couples. In your case, the male or female gender role would not apply in the same way, since who should pay in a relationship of two men or two women?

However, in a heterosexual relationship, it is still rare for the woman to pay the bill on the first date, as the man’s provider role has become a norm of courtesy and etiquette. In this case, the best thing is that if you wish, you offer to pay your part, this way it will not seem that you expect him to cover it.

He will probably decline the offer and pay for everything. If you want to balance expenses a bit, propose to go for a drink or an ice cream that is on your own.

Be careful, it is not recommended that you pay everything, since there are many men who appear to have certain purchasing power, and by some strange chance they invite you to dinner and then lose their wallet or have their credit card blocked.

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These individuals are not looking for a relationship, but a woman to take advantage of to eat well and also have fun with someone.

Initially, when the relationship becomes trusting and functional, you can talk him over and come to an agreement that you both feel comfortable with, whether he bears all the expenses, or is surprised by you.

Sharing expenses in these times when we talk about equity is also an excellent option that will guarantee a healthy coexistence in the relationship, without anyone feeling abused.

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