6 Things Your Mom Never Told You And She Preferred To Silence

6 Things Your Mom Never Told You And She Preferred To Silence

A mother for her children does whatever it takes, your mother also did things for you that she never told you and that she preferred to keep a secret in order to see you happy.

The love of the woman who gave you life is not compared to any, she is the one who since she knew that you were on your way already loved you without knowing you and who would be willing to give everything for you, whether you are good or bad for her, you will always be the best , but there are 6 things that your mother never told you and she preferred to keep quiet so as not to distress you, to see a smile on your face and so that you would grow up surrounded by love.

When everyone fails you and everyone turns their back on you, the only one who is there for you willing to receive you with open arms is that woman who took care of you since you were in her womb, although she also hid some secrets from you, like these 6 things that your mother never told you and preferred to be silent, but she had excellent reasons for doing so, she just wanted you to be fine.

Mom is the superheroine who is always there to accompany you, to give you advice, to take care of you and defend yourself, whatever your age, but she also has her own secrets that she hid from you just to see you happy and living to the fullest, she protected you very much good and it is time for you to find out what it is that has been hidden from you all this time.

6 things your mom never told you and preferred to keep quiet. Photo: Pexels.

1- Sometimes I missed her life before you arrived, but it was all worth it: Before having children, moms enjoy their life as single or married, but without extra responsibility, they go out with their friends, they enjoy their partner They go to party, but when you arrived, those moments ended for her, but she does not regret that, although at some point she did miss her freedom.

2. She suffered pains in her body before, during and after delivery: She carried you for 9 months in her womb, she had ailments, perhaps even complications, during delivery, if it was a cesarean section, several layers of her skin were opened, after recovery All that was a very painful and exhausting journey, but if you ask him he will tell you that he would suffer it again to hold you in his arms.

3. You made her cry more than you imagine: With your tantrums, with your hurtful words when you were upset, when you raised your voice or in adolescence you said "I don’t love you anymore", "I hate you", "Leave me in peace ", all those words hurt her inside, although on the outside it appeared as if your sentences did not affect her, you hurt her with every letter you said against her.

4. She was always afraid, ever since she knew you were on your way: Fear accompanied her during the minute one that she knew that you were growing inside her womb, she was afraid that something would happen to her, she thought about whether you were going to be born healthy, right away After the delivery she trembled with nerves, when you were born I was afraid of not being a good mother, I was watching you 24/7 so that nothing bad happened to you.

5. She did want the last piece of food: How many times did she have to remove the bread from her mouth to give it to you and she say "I’m not hungry, eat you", she also surely wanted that last slice of pizza or of cake, but she always preferred that you savor it and she was left with the craving, but seeing you happy and with a bite on your plate was reward enough.

6. When she told you that it didn’t hurt so much, she did feel terrible: She also had to get out of bed when the disease was bringing her down, but she couldn’t leave you defenseless or your luck, she drew the strength she didn’t have from where outside to be able to stand up and take care of you, defend you and tell you with a smile and a tender caress "I’m fine, you are my engine."