How To Raise Very Intelligent And Successful Children In Life

How To Raise Very Intelligent And Successful Children In Life

According to a series of scientists from Baltimore, the United States, these are the keys to raising very intelligent and successful children in life

The wish of every parent is for their child to excel in school and be seen as intelligent. However, they are wrong in some things when they want to achieve it, for this reason a group of experts has found the keys for your child to be very intelligent and achieve success.

It was a series of scientists from Baltimore, United States who since 1968 have investigated the keys to raising smarter and more successful children in life. This study was started by Jualian Stanley. Since then, thousands of children who are now adults have been tested. And they discovered that the only formula for a child to be intelligent is:

Parental love: It is the basis of everything. Children who received all the love and attention from their parents are more successful in their adult lives. Scientists have shown that the affection of their parents stimulates the brains of children in the preschool period (0 to 3 years).

How to raise smarter and more successful children in life. Photo: Freepik

Besides, the bigger the bond that united them as children, the stronger their personality and self-esteem will be. This will help them grow more confident and make determined decisions. Of course, there are people who succeed in life despite coming from dysfunctional families, but are they happy?

Let them cope with complex tasks: Quite often parents try to make life easier for their children. They prevent them from doing simple tasks such as fastening their shoelaces by buying some with velcro, they are not allowed to lift the table, or clean what they get dirty. It should be borne in mind that children should be allowed to do increasingly complex tasks, as this influences the connection of neurons, flexibility of thought and clear self-esteem.

Play video games and puzzles: Although video games are not created, they are not bad, of course if they are not used excessively. They often include riddles for the mind. Children must learn to solve problems and this will stimulate the brain to seek solutions. This way they will improve memory, attention and planning.

Play a musical instrument: It is no secret that music has multiple benefits for the brain and improves intellectual development. Certain melodies have the power to masterly train neurons in the brain. Apart from that it has many benefits on an emotional level.

Reading books: We all know the benefits of reading, including that it is essential for the development of intelligence, memory and the acquisition and enrichment of language. Try to get your child into the world of reading.