5 Ways To Make A Man Seek You And Beg You

5 Ways To Make A Man Seek You And Beg You

Do not be the one who has to go looking for him to ask him to return with you or to give you an opportunity to love him, it is better that he be the one who begs for your love.

Do not be the one who looks for him and asks him for a second chance, the one that tells him that he needs it and asks for his attention, we share these 5 ways to make a man look for you and beg you , you will see that soon you will have it in the door of your house or sending you chats asking to see you or to give them a moment to talk to you, being this way you have already achieved your task.

Be careful that you are surrendered to his feet, no matter how in love you are with him, you must have a little self-control and not show him that he has you in a snap of fingers at his side, better apply these 5 ways to make a man love you seek and beg you, that way he will be the one who has to make an effort to be well with you, to find a time to talk face to face.

If you want that man to return to you realizing that you are the woman of his life and that there is no one in the world who adores him as much as you, then put the following points into practice, it is not about you becoming unattainable , but so that he knows that you are not a simple option, but a tremendous opportunity that he can lose by not taking care of yourself.

5 ways to make a man seek you out and beg you. Photo: Pexels.

1. Do not show him that you are suffering from his absence: Do not put states with hints where you let him know that you are sad, do not write phrases such as I miss you, I need you or situations like that, you must be much stronger and not Let yourself be carried away by the emotions of the moment, you must think very well about each step you decide to take in this situation.

2. Get prettier than ever: You’re already beautiful, but it’s time to get prettier than ever, so put on that dress that you like so much, that tight pants that fascinates you, that blouse, make up like a professional and go out to conquer the world, take that selfie to upload it to your social networks and put a phrase where your spirit is noticed up to the sky.

3. Put states where you can see that you are good and not defeated : Instead of dedicating states where you make him see that you are bad and suffering for leaving, you have to place states where you are seen with the spirit up, as if You don’t care what happened with your relationship or with him, you smile and that will make him curious to look for you again to find out why it didn’t hurt as much as he thought.

4. Go out with friends and do not miss the photos: Do not stay locked in your house to mourn who wanted to leave, you should go out with your friends to dance, take a walk, but above all, do not miss the photos, take pictures of your side and show them off on your social networks so they know that they don’t need to and whoever is needed will come over time, that will cause them much more curiosity and they will surely look for you.

5. Seek to confuse him: Even if you love him with all your heart and it costs you enough to do this, you have to act as if you had never seen him, as if you really no longer cared, if he writes you, do not answer him the first time. Call ignores his number, for a few days he uses zero contact and that will also help him to reflect on the great love that he is letting go.