So You Can Schedule WhatsApp Messages

So You Can Schedule WhatsApp Messages

A functional tool so that you do not forget to send that message on a special date, you can program it to be sent alone

Today technology provides us with many things in terms of communication and within the most used applications is WhatsApp, in which it is said they can program messages to send themselves.

This can be interesting and functional for those people who, due to their busy day-to-day life, may forget an important date that required sending a message by this means.

WhatsApp is the most used application worldwide, can you imagine programming a message to congratulate someone special on their birthday without forgetting it? It really sounds like a great relief, maybe it is at a different time, so you would be the first to do it.

So you can schedule WhatsApp messages. Photo: Pixabay

You can program messages to be sent alone by WhatsApp both to a single person and to a specific group, this time we are talking about mobiles or devices that use the Android system.

This is because you will have to download from the Play Store a third-party app called Scheduler for WhatsApp, which they say is free and does not require root.

It will be as simple as downloading it, opening it and following the programming steps through the menu that is displayed at the bottom right, there you can program even if the message will be daily or on specific days.

One of the important points is that at the time of scheduling messages it is necessary that you have internet, if it is not possible, simply even if they have a date and time, they will not be sent

Likewise, you must accessibility to the application from the settings of your mobile enabled, to do so go to Settings> Accessibility. Once there, activate Scheduler for WhatsApp and voila, try this application can be a great ally.

You will no longer forget any birthdays, run an important errand and keep in touch with people who may be far from you, one more tool in the collection to facilitate your activities.

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