According to Science, Parents Do Have A Favorite Child

According to Science Parents Do Have A Favorite Child

No matter how much they deny it, parents have a favorite child and we will reveal which one it is, don’t be fooled!

The parents affirm that they love all their children equally, however, science tells us the whole truth and affirms that this is a lie, because the favorite child does exist, a situation that has a direct impact on the rest.

So don’t believe your parents the next time they tell you they were all raised (you and your siblings) equally. According to the American sociologist Katherine Conger, the favorite children are the first-born.

So now you will understand why your big brother or sister always got special privileges at home, like permission to use the car or the largest room in the house.

According to science, parents do have a favorite child Photo: Freepik

The specialist published a survey in the Journal of Family Psychology, where she realizes that the oldest son has a privileged position in the family.

To reach this conclusion, he studied more than 380 families for three years, in such a way that he verified that the first-born receives all the attention to the parents from the moment they are born.

In this way, the eldest son becomes addicted to being the center of attention, for this reason he does everything that the family expects of him in such a way that he becomes the most intelligent, wiser and most responsible son.

He even accepts the guidance of his parents to choose his professional life. All this naturally makes him the favorite son, because he does everything in the way that his family considers the idea and correct, especially when he has siblings around him who threaten to steal his privileges.

According to science, parents do have a favorite child Photo: Freepik

However, the study specifies that the fact that he is the favorite child does not necessarily imply that he is the spoiled one, since due to the same position that his parents occupy, they tend to be tougher with the demands.

On the subject it is also interesting that you know that the second child is the most problematic according to science.

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