Younger Brother Is The Funniest In The Family Says Study

Younger Brother Is The Funniest In The Family Says Study

The younger brother is the most FUN of the family says study, the point is that apparently the fact that they grew up with fewer responsibilities influences a lot

If you are the eldest brother of the family, you have the consolation that the safest thing is that you are an example of responsibility in your home, although finally there is nothing written nor the statistics are law in each case, it does register a trend that he points out that the younger brother is the funniest in the family.

According to a survey carried out by Unilad, younger siblings see themselves as funny and funny, while older siblings say they are more successful and organized, as the weight of responsibilities fell much earlier in life than they did. minors.

Of course we are talking about self-perception, which has nothing to do with the perception that the rest of the family might have of them. Think a bit about your family relationship and we will comment, what do you think?

Younger brother is the funniest in the family, study says
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The company that financed the study infers from its results that there is an important difference in personality between the first sister and the last, since in their lives the burden of responsibility from much younger ages is much more significant as they have to support mothers and children. parents.

54% of older brothers say that they are more responsible than their brothers, while this was only declared in 31% of the younger ones in the house, while 46% of the younger ones are more likely to say that they are funnier , calm and relaxed, while only 36% of the elderly stated the same.

Apparently it is because they have fewer responsibilities
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Another curious fact about this type of family relationship is that older siblings are terrible at driving, according to a study, despite the fact that they are apparently more responsible.

In addition, being the oldest also has important definitions about physical appearance, since there is another study that states that older sisters are more prone to being overweight. So this link is quite a topic.

So in case this is true, there is nothing left but to give infinite thanks to the older sisters who make it possible for the youngest sisters’ lives to be much more relaxed than their own, because in their efforts they managed to help mom and dad. .