Boy Names Trend In 2020 And Their Meaning

Boy Names Trend In 2020 And Their Meaning

During this 2020 some very special names have become a trend to call the little ones. Here are some of them and their meaning.

This 2020, like every year, has brought children’s names that have become a trend because of the meaning they have. Here are some of them.

The most important thing for the little ones is the name, which will give them their identity throughout their lives and which must be chosen with great care. However, names for boys do not escape the trends that exist in various times, such as now in 2020.

In this 2020 we have known many names that are given to the little ones, among them that trend is due to the meaning of those names that from birth give identity to children. Here are some of them and their meaning.

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The names for boys in trend this 2020 are very special. Photo: Freepik

When it comes to a name to choose, parents always enter into various controversies, but fortunately they can go to the trends in names that have been chosen for children during this year 2020. Among the most outstanding are the following:


This is a name that has remained among the taste of parents who have decided to give their little ones a very special meaning through its meaning. Of Latin origin, Thiago means “the one who is supported by the heel”.


Another name that a large number of parents have chosen for their children to wear for the rest of their lives is Álvaro. Of Germanic origin, this name means "Noble Guardian", which gives a touch of originality to the little ones who bear this name.


Bruno’s name is also of Germanic origin and means “Cuirass”, which gives strength to the little ones who will carry this name for the rest of their lives and who will stand out from the rest thanks to their identity.

These three names have been chosen by a large number of parents during this year 2020, so it is not uncommon to find several children who were born in these 12 months of 2020 who bear one of these names.

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