Imss Chief Nurse Test Positive For Coronavirus

Imss Chief Nurse Test Positive For Coronavirus

The news about the contagion of Chief Fabiana has worried all of Mexico

The head of nurses at the Mexican Institute of Social Security tested positive for coronavirus . The news has caused surprise throughout Mexico.

Chief Fabiana, as she is known, tested positive for coronavirus in the middle of phase 3 of the pandemic facing Mexico.

Fabiana, considered the highest representative of all nurses who have unleashed a battle against the coronavirus, was diagnosed with Covid-19.

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Fabiana Maribel Zepeda Arias, Head of the Division of Nursing Programs of the IMSS. Photo: Twitter

This Tuesday on the occasion of Nurse’s Day, Chief Fabiana, as the Chief of the Division of Nursing Programs of the Mexican Institute of Social Security is known, was not present at the morning conference in which information about the coronavirus in Mexico.

Fabiana Maribel Zepeda Arias, the boss Fabiana, was diagnosed with coronavirus and it was she herself who made her health known through her official Twitter account. The news has been regretted by all the nurses in Mexico belonging to the IMSS and by the general public.

Chief Fabiana became more relevant than they already had when defending the nurses on April 20 from the constant attacks they had received in Mexico due to the uncertainty experienced by the coronavirus.

“I am in isolation, since I tested positive for COVID19. I am blessed by my family, friends and colleagues who write to monitor me. I live what my companions live all over the world. Embrace solidarity in our # DíaDeLaNfermeríaCorazón growing, even if it is virtual and healthy distance. ”He wrote on his Twitter account.

Fabiana’s health status, for the role she plays in the IMSS and for speaking and defending the nurses who are treating patients infected with coronavirus, has been worrying since her contagion became known.

The news went viral throughout Mexico and immediately the messages of speedy recovery and strength for Fabiana did not wait.

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