Unam Builds Hospital In 21 Days For Coronavirus Infected

Unam Builds Hospital In 21 Days For Those Infected By Coronavirus

The Medical Unit was built in record time and has the necessary equipment to deal with the coronavirus

The National Autonomous University of Mexico has surprised everyone with the construction of a specialized hospital to care for patients infected with Covid-19.

The increase in people infected by coronavirus in Mexico does not stop. Faced with this situation that has the country in the midst of a health and social crisis, the National Autonomous University of Mexico undertook the task of building a special hospital in record time to care for those infected with coronavirus.

The news has surprised all of Mexico by the speed and efficiency with which the UNAM has implemented its measures to help the health sector and the people who have been left without being treated in the face of the emergency due to the coronavirus that exists in the country.

The hospital has everything necessary for patients. Photo: EFE

The Covid-19 Temporary Unit, as the hospital has been called, was built in just 21 days by the Faculty of Medicine of the prestigious institution. In record time and in the face of the pandemic that has left thousands of people infected and hundreds of deaths, the unit has 240 beds to care for those infected, although it has been announced that its capacity is up to 380.

The hospital, located in the CitiBanamex center, will become operational as of May 1, according to what Germán Fajardo Dolci, director of the Faculty of Medicine, in charge of carrying out this project together with various institutions, explained. an interview for Tv UNAM.

In addition, the director announced that the hospital has everything necessary to care for people infected with coronavirus. The medical unit arrives with a full contingency and joins the health care tasks that have been most seen in crisis throughout Mexico.

So far the country has reported more than a thousand infected and phase 3 has been declared. The pandemic has left a great social and economic crisis throughout Mexico. In addition, prevention measures have become stricter in order to stop the spread and spread of the virus that could generate up to 8 thousand deaths.

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