I left my wife and now I have married my lover

I left my wife and now I have married my lover

Love sometimes appears when you least expect it, I had a beautiful marriage, but things changed and now I have married my lover, I will tell you my story.

Secretly for 5 years I had an extramarital relationship with a loving woman, suddenly I was so happy that I did not expect it, I asked myself, how is it that so much happiness has come into my life?, But like everything good, always it has a bad side. I fell in love loving my wife , I fell in love with another good woman.

I am sincere, it is difficult for me to write this letter, and today I want to start by apologizing to both of you, I already did it personally, but I also want to do it in writing. I tell you everything that happened.

I am a nurse, married for 7 years , but after two years of being married my wife and I went through some differences, one of them was that I was always working and did not have time for her, so I began to dedicate more time to her, I came home so tired and sometimes I had to cook, and believe it, I did it from the heart.

Dedication to my lover and the reason why I have left him. photo: Pixabay

She is a housewife, I never demanded that she also work to contribute, I don’t know if you know, but the work of a nurse is very heavy and more so when the hours are never fixed, they always change sometimes at night or sometimes during the day .

One day I came home in the morning, I had had a very heavy night at the clinic where I worked, and all I wanted was to sleep, and I arrived and did not hear from me, I already woke up around one in the afternoon, she I was furious because I didn’t wake her up for breakfast, she complained to me and I got fed up with those complaints and went for a walk.

In the park there was a girl who started talking to me, suddenly I told her what was happening and she was understanding, she invited me a coffee and we went to have it, that’s how those encounters happened until one day I missed her when I no longer had her looked.

At home things remained the same, but it did not mean that I no longer loved my wife, on the contrary, I felt bad for hiding my infidelity, I knew that from one moment to another things would come to light.

We were never able to have children, until now I did not know if it is me or my wife. One day my wife looked for me at work and it was there that she discovered everything, my lover was also waiting for me and saw us hugging. Everything was discovered.

I explained that I fell in love with the other, and my lover ran away crying because even though he knew I was married, it is still embarrassing. I have apologized to both, my wife has forgiven me, and we tried again, I left my lover.

We tried for a few months, but that didn’t improve, then my wife ended up asking for a divorce, and I went back to my lover, I don’t know if I’m a man who is not worth it, but I tried, and I struggled to make things right but I could not.

I got divorced and now I live with the one who was my lover, and I must thank God that we have been very well, we already have a son. I know that one day I have to tell him well the story of everything that happened, because I know that people are cruel and could hurt him with words.

I am a man like any other, only I have made many mistakes, I accept it is my life and my decisions, but creating, in the heart it is not sent no matter how much you want to see reason, love is stronger, sometimes society judges you too much .

I love my wife, with all my heart, and I think that I am a good man, only that I had stories in my life that were not very moral to say, but they were so real that they left me a lot of learning.

To me a lover who is now my wife: Maybe our story did not start as a fairy tale, but it started with the truth, it started with love, with fears, with adrenaline, I just want you to know that you have become my center of attention, you and my son are the most important and I am willing to fight so that we are together forever. I love you.