My Wife’s Terrible Secret Made Me Cry And Love Her More

My Wife's Terrible Secret Made Me Cry And Love Her More

Since they were engaged, she was always serious, she said she felt comfortable with me, but on the wedding night, everything changed

We were dating for 2 years , then I asked her to marry her and we got married, she has always been very serious, I fell in love with her because she is a very sweet woman with me and with everyone around them.

When I spoke with my in-laws, I noticed something strange but at the same time I understood that the overprotection that I had for my wife was normal for parents. They told me:

He never thought that his wife hid a terrible secret. Photo: Pixabay

"We never thought that she wanted to marry, but if she has decided to do so, we support her, we only ask that you be patient with her."

In my mother-in-law’s eyes I saw sadness, and although my father-in-law is a strong oak, I could see that he rubbed his forehead as a sign that there was something they were hiding from me, that time as I told you, I let him go through the situation and the stress of the wedding.

On the wedding night, she told me, I want you to turn off the light and I want to talk to you, I excited and at the same time nervous, I did what she asked. And when he got to bed, he said: I want you not to touch me today.

I was amazed, I didn’t know what to say, I wanted to hug her and she rejected me on the wedding night. I didn’t want to force her into anything, I told her that it was okay, that I would wait as long as she wanted and that when she felt ready, we would.

The next day she got up first than me, and while I was bathing thinking what was wrong with her, so determined to find out everything, when she comes out of the bathroom, she told me:

Turn around I’m going to change, and I said, No! You are my wife and I want you to trust me, I love you as you are, for me you are perfect, she started crying, I got closer to her I hugged her and It was when she told me:

Love when I was little a person raped me and we never knew who it was, I have lived with this all my life, and my family knows it, I saw true love in you, and you were so nice to me that I agreed to marry you because I thought I could forget everything , but I can not.

I cried with her, I told her that her situation hurt me a lot, we immediately started therapy, first she was special, and then as a couple to be on the same page, getting ahead has cost us a lot.

It was not until three months after our wedding that you consumed our marriage. I love her, and if she had asked for more time, I would have given it to her. Little by little we have consolidated a beautiful marriage, we still do not have children, but I hope God will grant them to us soon.