She failed me, when I loved her the most and needed her

She failed me, when I loved her the most and needed her

This heartbreaking story has come to En Pareja, it is about a beautiful love but at the same time unforgivable, she failed him just when he loved her the most

"You are the love of my life", I told her from the bottom of my heart, that afternoon in front of the church, and I promised her that one day we would get married, we were young, I was just studying my career, she told me that I was also the love of his life.

And that’s how a beautiful promise of love became my motive for getting ahead, we had been dating for two years and I asked him to marry me, and although I was a student, I was already working and it was not going so badly for me.

I prepared a romantic dinner and brought her red flowers, they were her favorites, everything was fine, and when the time came I got down on my knees and asked her to marry me. She smiling said that yes, I felt the happiest man in the world. It may interest you: Having a cup of cinnamon tea prevents the formation of gases

That promise was gone when he got sick. Photo: Pixabay

She and her family along with mine began to prepare everything for the wedding, we had a year to save and buy everything. So it was, time passed too quickly, we were 3 months away from getting married when I started to feel a bit dizzy.

When I went to the doctor they did studies on me and they told me it could be cancer, I informed my family and of course my fiancée, the first two weeks everything seemed nice, she was very attentive but after a month I felt very bad for the chemotherapy, she stopped seeing me.

I could barely get up and my father was the one who spoke to me, he said: "Son, she will not come again, they have come to talk to me and they have called off the wedding." That hurt too much, I didn’t want to live anymore.

He had left me because of my illness, the three months passed, the love of my father and my mother helped me to bear so much pain in my body and my heart that was broken because she left me just when I loved her most and needed her most. .

I spent a year in treatments but thank God, I recovered and started from scratch, obviously I wanted to see her, to know what happened because she left me and I looked for her. When I had her in front of me, I saw her carrying a baby, she married a man of money and I better not claim anything from her, I just silently said: May God take care of you.

10 years have passed since that, I have done very well, medicine became my best therapy. I don’t forget her, she was someone important in my life, she was the woman I loved the most, but she was the one who hurt me the most.