5 Foods That Don’t Help Your Mood Depress You

5 Foods That Don't Help Your Mood Depress You

While there are foods that can give you energy and make you feel better, there are others that don’t help you at all, what’s more, they can contribute to depression

We have heard about those foods that improve your mood and give you energy, many of them, surely, are already part of your daily diet, but just as there are foods that are good for your mood, there are others that are not recommended.

Your diet not only influences having a slimmer figure , but also your state of mind, if you feel that when you eat you are more apathetic, with less desire to do the things you always do, perhaps it has to do, precisely with what you are eating and how often do you eat these products.

We have prepared a list of 5 foods that do not contribute to your mood and depress you , we also recommend other foods to counteract the depressive effect and make you feel better, happier, in good health and with a lot of energy for your day to day .

5 foods that do not contribute to your mood, depress you. Photo: Unsplash

Soft drinks People who consume high amounts of soda or soft drinks are more prone to depression, according to experts, a daily liter of these drinks increases this condition, more if they are dietary. It is better to drink plain water as it purifies your body.

Junk food . Although they are faster to consume, most generate more glucose and insulin as well as having excess trans and saturated fats that can reduce serotonin production. We recommend that you increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Artificial sweeteners. Rachel Fiske, a certified nutrition consultant in San Francisco, says that aspartame, included in some coffee creamer substitutes, and which is an artificial sweetener, slows the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are responsible for happiness. Honey is a very natural alternative to replace them.

5 foods that do not contribute to your mood, depress you. Photo: Unsplash

Alcohol A stimulating drink is alcohol, many would believe that it is the other way around and that it makes us feel better, what they do not know is that although it has a disinhibiting effect, it depresses the nervous system, by inducing a rebound effect.

Chocolate Other foods that are believed to improve mood and on the contrary, since it is true that it increases serotonin levels that cause a state of happiness, but when the effect passes again, the depressive state is returned, it is a vicious circle which in the end gives you more calories than happiness.