Horoscope Black Letter Seven of Cups November 07, 2021

Black Horoscope Chart Seven of Cups November 07, 2021

In this Sunday’s black horoscope, the Seven of Cups card reveals a truth that you did not expect, you are not the only person in your partner’s life

In the black horoscope, the cards will tell you a message for health, money and love, take into account the warnings of the letter that marks this night of November 7, 2021, with the letter of Seven of Cups that tell you a truth, the love of your partner is no longer yours and there is someone else.

The Seven of Cups shows a man standing before seven cups that are filled with various gifts, floating in the clouds. Some of the cups have desirable gifts, others carry curses, such as the serpent or the dragon; the message for tonight also tells you that there are significant changes in your life , you are closely related to this truth that is revealed before you.

The Seven of Cups card shows you different scenarios that you can choose from, after knowing that your partner loves someone else, a wall with several doors will be put in front of you , it will depend on you which path you choose and how you manage to get out of a depression that you could have derivative of what is happening with your partner.

For singles, there is a new person that you have just met by chance in a series of events that happened to you or will happen to you with a car, it could be the person you wait so long , but do not run, it is wise to go slowly and know when it is the right time for a relationship.

Black horoscope the letter of the Seven of Cups your partner loves another. Photo: Pixabay

At work you will have the opportunity to correct unforgivable mistakes before the superiors find out, do not get distracted by what does not leave you anything good. If you are studying, weigh your school obligations and find time to take a part-time job that will teach you many things.

On the health level, do not let depression bring you down, it will be a decisive test to know who is by your side and who sees you for convenience. In money, your economic stability will allow you to buy something that you will need life or death.

The seven of cups carries the message that you must be careful with illusions and be attentive to the decisions you make, its lucky number is 4 and the signs that are most in contact with this card are those of water, that is, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces .