Atypical Pneumonia Should Be Considered Covid-19: López-Gatell

Atypical Pneumonia Should Be Considered Covid-19: López-Gatell

Atypical pneumonia cases will now be considered as coronavirus

At the beginning of the health emergency, there was a controversy in Mexico about the number of cases that were confirmed as atypical pneumonia. Now the Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell said that all these cases should be considered as coronavirus.

The number of people infected by coronavirus has generated alarm and controversy because a large number of people were being diagnosed with atypical pneumonia, but now Hugo López-Gatell announced that all these cases should be considered as Covid-19.

Now cases of atypical pneumonia will be considered as coronavirus as a result of the statement made by Hugo López-Gatell and because of the existing contagion of the type of virus that causes this type of pneumonia.

The coronavirus has affected a large part of the population. Photo: Freepik

For more than the month that has been confined in Mexico, controversies had been detected in different parts of the country where cases of atypical pneumonia began to appear in large numbers. This generated certain uncertainty in people to such a degree that theories began to be woven in which it was affirmed that those infected with coronavirus were diagnosed with atypical pneumonia.

There was no response to this, but the controversy continued, as did the questions of the people who were in hospitals in Mexico undergoing checks to find out whether or not they were infected with coronavirus.

In the daily conference offered by the Undersecretary of Health of Mexico Hugo López-Gatell, the official pointed out that cases of atypical pneumonia must be confirmed as cases of contagion of coronavirus or Covid-19.

The measure was taken because "in the face of an epidemic like the one we are experiencing, all pneumonitis or atypical pneumonia must be assumed as coronavirus until proven otherwise." Hugo López-Gatell declared.

In Mexico the cases are on the rise as the days have passed. The recommendations and prevention measures that the government has given have been increasingly strict and more campaigns have been implemented so that people stay at home. Now they must be cared for and treated by specialists when any respiratory symptoms appear.

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