5 Negative Effects That The Pandemic Has On Your Life

5 Negative Effects That The Pandemic Has On Your Life

The coronavirus pandemic has made all people around the world remain locked up, isolated, fearful and with a radical change in the dynamics of life

For more than 1 year, the coronavirus pandemic has created havoc around the world, with which, our way of life has had repercussions; Today we no longer live the same, there are more limitations, and that affects too much on a psychological level; So in today’s article we will reveal 5 negative effects that the pandemic produces in your life.

Before the pandemic, people had greater freedom, we could go to work without slopes, taking care when a lot of robberies and assaults, if someone sneezed we simply said health and ready, but today it is really chaotic to see that someone has the flu, we take our healthy distance, we always use antibacterial gel, we wash our hands excessively and much more.

But in addition to damage to physical health, psychologically it is also creating problems that little by little are impacting negatively, we may not even notice it, but more than a year living in isolation, it is very similar to having house arrest, and that if it hurts on an emotional level.

On a personal level this creates some discomfort, especially in young adults who used to leave the house to distract their mind from everything that happened during the day or week, now they have had to stay locked up, isolated and repeating the same pattern over and over. again; And of course this affects us all, that is to say, now a kiss or a hug already represents a risk of contagion, what kind of life is that?

Today more than ever we fear contagion. Photo: Pexels

Social rejection: The issue of the pandemic is still under debate, there are people who believe in it and there are those who believe that this is part of a trade war, some say that it is a really deadly virus and others that it only kills 1 in 100 people, there are those who are in favor of the vaccine and there are those or not, some say that the drug is so strong that it can kill you and that the symptom is better if you treat it with natural remedies etc. All these differences of opinions cause us to take courage among ourselves and until we stop talking because we do not think alike, it is an incredible social pressure.

Anxiety: When we lived outside the pandemic, the economy was already a worrying issue, and now it is more so due to the anxiety to get money and have something to live with, that has left us trapped between a rock and a hard place, that is, If you go out and sell, you can infect yourself and your family and they can die from the virus, but if you don’t go out, you starve. What do you prefer?

You lose motivation: The possibility of leaving home to work, study or go out to have fun, was reason enough to be happy, why? because you could take care of yourself from beginning to end, from bathing, scenting, dressing well, bringing out your accessories, your footwear, etc. But now, with always being at home and with the gyms closed, many have completely neglected maintaining a healthy weight, and with it we welcome thousands of diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Job uncertainty: Millions of people lost their jobs due to the global crisis in which we fell, which is why they had to cut staff, but if you have not yet had to leave, you are constantly worried that one day they will call you to say goodbye, for this reason it would not be strange that every night you could not fall asleep.